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Everblocks provide unique, cost-effective educational experiences for UK children

Everblocks provide unique, cost-effective educational experiences for UK children

The revolutionary modular building system, Everblocks is helping teachers and parents across the UK teach valuable STEM learning skills to children. As more budget cuts affect British schools, the Everblock system offers a cost-effect solution and a creative alternative to dated teaching methods.

CEO of Modular Building Blocks, Joseph Plosky said “Everblocks were developed to provide modular building solutions and were designed around core ideas like creativity, inspiration and fun. The versatile nature of Everblocks makes them useful for more than just creating grand structures and bespoke furniture. We are proud to see how teachers and parents have used modular building blocks to teach children of all ages and abilities important practical skills, coordination and academic principles.”

STEM learning has been proven to help students in all stages of education to grasp concepts quicker and improve skills by allowing them to get hands-on. Modular building blocks can improve the delivery of subject matter across the current curriculum by providing visual aids, creative challenges and practical experience. Maths, science and many practical-based subjects can be improved with Everblocks.

Schools and homes across the UK have begun investing in Everblocks as a long-term teaching tool. The robust design means they can be continuously reused and will stand the test of time in any type of learning environment. They are ideal for use outdoors in playgrounds thanks to the waterproof, UV-resistant Co-Polymer.

In light of recent budget cuts to the UK education sector, schools around the country will be forced to reduce spending by looking for more cost-effective resources. Thanks to their robust design, Everblocks will last for years- providing a long-term teaching tool and high return on investment. The blocks have already been used classrooms and playgrounds by students in primary, secondary and higher education.

The new hire service from Modular Building Blocks caters to short-term needs. Different rental packages are available for schools or institutions hosting special events or one-off training sessions. Prices range depending on the number of blocks needed and the time frame. Modular Building

Blocks are the leading UK distributor of Everblocks and currently offer a wide range of colours, sizes and accessories.

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