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These are Yummy Cupcakes!

These are Yummy Cupcakes!

Yummy Cupcakes is one of the original cupcakeries, starting in March 2004, and one of the very few who remain a cupcake only business. Yummy Cupcakes makes cupcakes in fun new shapes and delightfully unexpected flavors. The company is the originator of the cupcake in a jar, it also creates cupcakes on sticks and cupcake push pops, Cupcakie Pies, cupcake biscotti and cupcake parfaits. How’s that for out of the box thinking? Its flavors include Green Tea and Honey, Peach Cobbler and Peanut Butter and Jelly to name of few of Yummy Cupcake’s 400 proprietary flavors. They do make Chocolate too!

These are Yummy Cupcakes!

  • All ingredients are real, wholesome, and top-quality

  • All recipes are created by Executive Chef Tiffini Soforenko

  • 400 proprietary gourmet cupcake recipes including Vegan, Gluten-less and Sugar-free

  • Crafted from scratch every day by our professional Pastry Chefs.

  • San Diego voted Yummy Cupcakes Best Cupcakes in 2017

San Diego voted Yummy Cupcakes Best Cupcakes in 2017

Each flavor is the artistic creation of Executive Chef and Founder Tiffini Soforenko who isn’t afraid to try new things. She uses the likes of tomato soup, cauliflower and broccoli to craft unique, to-die-for tastes. Yummy Cupcakes uses wholesome, top quality ingredients and creates Vegan, Gluten-less and Sugar-free varieties. So, say goodbye to the predictable and hello to the mouth-watering flavor fusions that helped Yummy Cupcakes be chosen #1 for 2017 in every one of its locations!

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