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Applebee's Gives Steak & Potatoes New Meaning!

Ash Said It invades Applebee's

After a long day on the media circuit, it was was time to unwind. A colleague and I decided to meet up at Applebee's. I recently heard about their new Topped Steak & Twisted Potatoes Menu. Sounded interesting. Oh I was in for a big surprise.

Our usual hangout is the Applebee's on Pleasant Hill Rd. in Duluth, Ga. Its in a great proximity to the movies and popular shopping outlets. I grew up in this area so its always like coming home.

This unique menu features a 6 ounce or 8 ounce USDA choice top sirloin. Only the cream of the crop for their customers. The options for toppers are mouthwatering. Tavern mushroom & onion, Savory herb & butter sauce and lastly creamy horseradish & gravy. But wait. There is so much more.

Things get real creative when it comes to the potatoes. The classic favorite is the garlic mashed potatoes. Live a little on the wild side with Twisted tots and loaded potato casserole. In addition to this, you have an option for vegetables.

A mountain of food weighed our table down. Savory herb & butter sirloin dazzled on a plate with a hearty side of twisted tots and grilled veggies. The aroma was intoxicating. I didn't think Applebee's was known for its steak. And what an impressive display it was.

My colleague chose a sirloin topped with Tavern mushrooms & onion. It was garnished with fresh broccoli and that tasty potato casserole. Both steaks were cooked to perfection and bursting with flavor.

I was tempted to venture into dessert. I am absolutely in love with the triple chocolate meltdown. However, my stomach was well past capacity at the close of this evening. My friend was on the same page and was full too.

The price of these menu items is far lower than the value. Want more food for your bucks? Visit your neighborhood store for the Topped Steak & Twisted Potatoes! Kudos to Applebee's on an incredible promotion. We will be back!

Photos courtesy of Ash Said it LLC:

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