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Peach Dish Makes Holiday Cooking Easy

Meal kits are becoming more & more popular in the world. Peach Dish makes it easy to eat healthy at home or at work nationwide. The food is locally sourced and tastes amazing! Unlike other companies, you’re not required to subscribe. There are options for every diet and the menu changes weekly. Listen in on what they’re offering for the holidays that competitors aren’t. Let Peach Dish take the hassle out of your holiday cooking!

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About Peach Dish:

In 2013, 30-year-old Hadi Irvani, an Atlanta native and graduate of the University of Virginia, was selling shoes online. In his free time, Hadi hosted dinner parties, but not your standard dinner parties- when guests arrived, they were offered something to drink and an apron. To eat, they had to cook. Hadi usually presented an idea for a recipe, and everyone figured the meal out together. When it came time to eat, Hadi showed people where to go, seating strangers next to each other. Then he gave brief introductions and let conversation and chemistry happen.

In today’s society, it’s rare for people to make time to cook together, to eat together, and to get to know a stranger. Hadi's dinner guests—many who were novices in the kitchen—raved about the experience. They’d taken ownership of the dinner and realized they could create meals at home. Hadi realized something too: he could package his dinner party and deliver it to guests across the nation.

His first shipment in summer 2013 was to ten customers—nine friends and a woman in Lake Charles, Louisiana who’d stumbled across his business plan online. Ingredients came from the grocery store and deliveries didn't include recipes. He named the company PeachDish as a nod to the sweet seasonal fruit of Georgia soil.

It takes time to get all the ingredients of a business right, and he asked customers for honest feedback. The company grew organically, but Hadi didn’t begin to value the merits of organic food until June 2014, when he sat next to Judith Winfrey at an Atlanta dinner party honoring Chef Alice Waters. Judith, an organic farmer with deep agricultural roots, asked Hadi why he wasn’t getting ingredients from local farmers. A year later, they were sitting at the PeachDish corporate headquarters, and Judith was President of PeachDish.

We all crave new experiences, and at PeachDish we know that the best place to have those is in your kitchen. We want to help you value cooking as an experience instead of an obligation. We send a box of fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and recipes to your home to make 2 dinners for 2 people every week! Become a member today to join the weekly dinner party happening nationwide. We ship out of Atlanta, Georgia and work directly with many local farms. Our ingredients are sourced before any store would get them, and are extremely fresh. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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