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Vegetarian Explores Fogo De Chao

Ash Broown Explores Fogo de chao

What is the number one thing to unite people? Food of course. That can often be a challenge for me because of my dietary restrictions. I've been vegetarian for over 12 years and I wouldn't change it. I consume seafood but no beef, pork or chicken. When I meet up with colleagues at the local pub, my options are limited. Iceberg lettuce is not my idea of a good salad. I stay clear of it. Greasy burger spots are not my idea of a fun night out either.

ash brown explores fogo de chao

I've heard a multitude of accolades about Fogo De Chao. People brag often about this Brazilian steakhouse and the quality of the food. The décor and atmosphere are elegant. I hear that the staff is always accommodating. Not to mention the variety. But what can a non-meat eater enjoy here?

We ventured out to this infamous eatery for Sunday Brunch. I must have passed their sign hundreds of times while working in the city. It never occurred to me that I would ever visit. What would they have that I could eat? Lettuce alone is boring.

Ash brown explores fogo de Chao

Upon arrival, we were immediately seated. Our server informed us of their new seasonal menu items. The Ancient Grain Salad was very popular. And the Spring Pea & Asparagus Salad is another fan favorite. Specialty drinks were also available. The Smoke & Honey as well as the Guava Do Sul. Everything sounded good but I'm more interested about how it tastes.

Ash Brown explores fogo de chao

This smorgasbord display was overwhelming. So many colors. My eyes were absolutely enchanted. Where do we begin? I toured the food first to get some good shots. Every possible angle was taken into consideration. Everything was so fresh. Strawberries looked as if they were just picked. The smoked salmon was freshly sliced. And the papaya was tempting me.

Ash Brown explores fogo de Chao

As we returned to our table, we were greeted with cheese bread and jumbo cocktail shrimp. Jumbo is certainly an understatement. This shrimp was ginormous! They covered a bed of peppers and were accompanied by malagueta cocktail sauce. I want this sauce in my house. It was a tropical blend that paired so well. I could taste hints of mango, lime and pineapple.

Ash Brown explores fogo de Chao

The Ancient Grain Salad was unbelievable. I'm not usually a fan of quinoa but I am in support of this dish. With the granny smith apple pieces, pomegranate and wild rice, this is an instant classic. There is no way I could have ever paired these together. Very original and quite enjoyable.

Ash brown explores fogo de chao

Greens are something that I incorporate into every meal. Its my personal promise to myself. Their Spring Pea & Asparagus Salad was right up my alley. The arugula, asparagus and green peas were the right shades of green. Believe it or not, I have been to restaurants that think its ok to serve brown asparagus. This is not an exaggeration. The lemon zest, goat cheese and dressing compliment this dish well.

Ash Brown explores fogo de chao

The Mango Chilean Sea Bass was everything and more. Sea bass is sometimes a specialty that chefs can miss the mark on. Not the case this time around. This fish was cooked to perfection and laid on a bed of crisp asparagus spears. Every single bite was bursting with flavor. The mango relish & malagueta pepper sauce were the most incredible adornment on this plate. It came together beautifully like a symphony of exquisite cuisine.

Ash Brown explores fogo de Chao

Well 12:30pm hit and it was time for cocktails. The Smoke & Honey was a good choice. Whisky, lemon juice, honey, ginger syrup and scotch. This drink will sneak up on you if you let it. It may be a little too strong for a brunch sip. The flavors blend well though. Its more suitable for dinner.

Ash brown explores fogo de Chao

The Guava Do Sul stole my heart. With a Caribbean heritage, I am always drawn to tropical fruit. Guava is one of my favorites. This glass put me on a sandy beach in the islands. The guava puree mixed seamlessly with the vodka and was so refreshing. It was like drinking from the greatest fruit of all time.

Ash brown explores fogo de Chao

There was no way I could leave Buckhead's favorite steakhouse without having dessert. There were many choices. I decided on the Papaya Cream. Fresh papaya blended with vanilla ice cream and topped with a black currant liqueur sounded like a dream come true. And it was. Papaya is delectable on its own. But blend it with ice cream and it takes it to another level.

My first visit to Fogo de Chao was amazing. I have been missing out for years. Won't make that mistake again. Yes, there is so much meat at Fogo de Chao. However, if you're a non meat eating person, like me, there are numerous options to choose from. Thank you to The Buckhead Fogo de Chao Manager Leonardo Silva & the staff for their abundance of hospitality. You have my vote. There is no doubt about it. Ash Said It was the best cuisine! Click Here to reserve a table at your neiborhood Fogo De Chao.

Photos Courtesy of Ash Said It LLC:

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