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REVIEW: Atlanta Beer Bus Weekend

Ash Said It Rides Atlanta Beer Bus

Be Advised: This post contains information about alcoholic beverages. Please drink responsibly.

The idea of a brewery tour never occurred to me. Makes perfect sense but I didn't know it was reality. When I got wind that the Atlanta Beer Bus was in full swing, I was intrigued. What happens on such a trip? I had no expectations going into my first tour and I am thankful for that.

The staff of Atlanta Beer Bus was phenomenal. They went above & beyond to make sure every guest got the most out of this experience. The shuttle bus was clean, air conditioned and playing the best in party music. For a while, I forgot I was on the road as I sang along with complete strangers. The staff also made great beer recommendations when asked.

This trip is way more than a shuttle to Atlanta area breweries. It was an exploration through parts of the city that are tucked away. We started the night at Urban Tree Cidery. This fun stop is Atlanta's first craft cider brand. Out of all their house ciders, I absolutely adore"Sweet Heat". I love spice and this one gives just enough bite to be enjoyed.

Second Self Brewery was next. The vibe here was refreshing. The atmosphere was laid back and their brews were great too. I had a ball in their photo booth!

Red Brick Brewery greeted us before we even left the bus. They literally had a wall of options for us to choose from. From what I hear, they add new ales regularly. The collaborative effort between Red Brick Brewery & The Georgia Aquarium caught my eye. "Sea Dragon" was my drink of choice!

Our final stop was at Orpheus Brewing. I didn't realize that they were this close to the city. "Plants have no memories" is a must when you do visit.

My overall experience with Atlanta Beer Bus was incredible. This press preview was brief but I will definitely plan a day to do the full tour with friends. Do yourself a favor and jump on the Atlanta Beer Bus. You won't regret it. Why? Because ASH SAID IT!


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