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Efficient Closet Spring Cleaning Tips

Efficient Closet Spring Cleaning Tips

When you look your best, you feel your best. The first step to looking dapper and sophisticated is making sure your closet is organized, so each piece is easy to see.

When the weather starts to transition from grey, dreary, and cold, to green, vivacious, and warm, it is a good indication it might be time for some much-needed spring cleaning. Since spring is a season which gives way to new life and possibilities, having a fresh start is a healthy and refreshing way to usher in the sunshine, the blooming florals, and the fragrance of a thunderstorm. It is time to haul out the boxes of shoes hidden in the corners of your closet, pull out the socks which have found a home in the dark crevices of your dresser, and air out those summertime wares which have been lying dormant since last year. Thigh-high boots, scarfs, hats and gloves, and winter coats need to be cleared out to make room for distressed denim shorts, Birkenstocks sandals, matching two-piece, midriff showing sets, and of course, bathing suits.

When it comes to tackling those piles of forgotten and abandoned items discreetly scattered throughout your home, the task can be a bit overwhelming. Here are five tips for efficiently cleaning and organizing your closets and dresser spaces so you can spend fewer hours hidden indoors searching for things and wading through messes and more time outdoors in this gorgeous Georgia weather.

1. Take baby steps. With any goal worth tackling, you should try to start small so as not to overwhelm yourself. Jobs which appear too large in scale are easy to ignore because they seem like mountains which are impossible to summit. Start with one small space and work your way from there. You do not need to complete the entire job in one day. To help keep you on task, create a list of all the areas you want to sort through: shoes, sweaters and tops, accessories (including jewelry and handbags), pants and shorts, dresses and skirts, and bathing suits, intimates, and pajamas.

2. Try all your apparel. As you sort through the items in your closet be sure to try on the clothes, shoes, and accessories to ensure everything fits as it should. You may be surprised to find your body has withstood some changes over the lifespan of your clothing items or you might even discover some of your favorite pieces are worn or out of fashion. There is no need to keep things which will only go unworn. Seize this opportunity to purge and make room for your spring and summer wardrobe.

3. Be honest with yourself. Donate what you do not need or use, toss items which are overly worn or broken, set aside pieces which require alterations or mending, and keep only those things which either have significant sentimental value or are used and worn often. During your try-on session view your clothing with a critical eye and be realistic with your assessment of how each piece fits into your capsule collection. You may be surprised how invigorating it can be to clear our a space to make way for new possibilities.

Efficient Closet Spring Cleaning Tips

Use uniform hangers and hang clothes in the same direction to increase the visibility of each piece.

4. Get creative with your storage. Professional organizers find it efficient to remove out-of-season items from your everyday wardrobe. Pack up and store winter apparel so it is not creating a cluttered environment and it gives your warm-weather garments room to breath. Here are some ingenious storage options to help you maximize your storage space.

5. Prepare for unboxing. Before packing away unseasonal articles, take special care to ensure everything is in mint condition, so it is a seamless transition when you go to unbox the things you packed. Some of your more delicate clothing may need to be dry cleaned but every item, from sweaters and to pants, should be washed and folded before they are packed away. Proper care before packing will ensure the clothes are well maintained while they go unused. To minimize your storage prep, consider engaging a professional cleaner in laundering and folding your soiled attire.

Efficient Closet Spring Cleaning Tips


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Let the experts at Eastside Coin Laundry assist you with cleaning out your closet this spring, so you are ready for sunshine and the gorgeous Georgia summer weather which is just around the corner.

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