EVENT: Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expo

The Gluten Free Allergen Friendly Expo took place this past weekend in Atlanta, Ga. It was absolutely incredible. I have a niece that suffers from food allergies, so this event was close to my heart. Unfortunately, she has a gluten intolerance. If she is even in the vicinity of gluten products she breaks out in hives. She's only 6 and I want her to enjoy her childhood like other kids. She can still have fun but we just have to be vigilant on what she consumes.

There were way more vendors than I had anticipated. The showroom was well organized though. Unlike other conventions, the aisles were spacious. Lines were formed around some booths but people could still make their way around. It was refreshing to see so many young children out with their parents. I wish I had brought my niece with me.

Just about every booth was giving out samples. Fresh pressed juice, cake and even pizza! Most items were gluten free. I was heavily impressed with Brazi Bites Brazilian Cheese Bread for several reasons. They were light & fluffy, easy to prepare and I could find them at my grocery store. The garlic asiago is king!

Norm's Farm Elderberry table was fascinating. I was not familiar with Elderberries. The rep educated me on its origin, antioxidant properties and various Elderberry products. They are good for people that have allergies but also make for a great jelly. This little-known superfood is gradually gaining more attention. Keep a look out for it.

And I found beer. Yes beer. A brand named Guten, made in Georgia, was giving out samples. This beer was different. Why? Because its gluten free. Surprisingly enough, I could actually taste the difference. And it was good. Who knew beer could be gluten free? I sure didn't.

This expo is the largest gluten free and allergen friendly event in the United States. I now understand why. Food is the #1 thing to bring people together. Due to challenges in life, some of the foods we've grown to love work against us. Movements like this one open up peoples' minds to alternatives. I left the expo enlightened, full and with a bag of goodies for a loved one.

I recommend this event to everyone. Whether you have kids or not. There will certainly be brands that you need to be aware of. Small lifestyle changes can make a big impact. Be sure to check out this expo when its in your city. Why? Because ASH SAID IT!


Photos Courtesy of Ash Said It LLC


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