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The Ultimate Dad's Day Gift Guide

The Ultimate Dad's Day Gift Guide

Do not fall victim to the gimmicks and cliches of Father’s Day by presenting your dad with a gift from the generic list of gift-giving ideas. Give him something he will cherish with the ultimate dad’s day gift guide.

How many years in a row can you buy your dad or husband a new tie or a mug with the almost-sentimental and genuinely unoriginal, “World’s Greatest Father” printed on the enamel siding? The cup is sure to find its place amongst the collection of previous years unimpressive fallback gifts. It will become another soldier in the litany of presents which we default to during the rush of trying unsuccessfully to find the perfect Father’s Day gift. In our unorganized haste, we add to the growing stockpile of gifts we have bestowed upon the fathers in our lives, all with little significance and having no real practical use. It could be the impressive but unnecessary barber-shop-style shave kits with the straight razor and ultra-soft badger brush or another bottle of cologne, to add to the other three unused bottles he stores under his bathroom sink or even a new spicer variety of hot sauce to satiate your dad’s fire-loving taste buds.

It is time to use some ingenuity with gift giving and venture out of your comfort zone. Here is a list of unconventional, yet entirely desirable items, which are sure to thrill and delight even the most discerning dad in town:

1. Update his man cave. Dad works hard, and it is crucial that he has a space to decompress and be unengaged from the bustling world around him. He needs an area where he is not incumbent to carry the weight of work life, family life, and real-life stressors. The ultimate space is a man cave. Whether he likes to sit back relax and read a book, unplug by plugging in a video game, or just crack open a cold one with his buddies and watch a game, a man cave helps make dad’s space feel like his sanctuary. Update his oasis this year with a billiard, foosball or shuffleboard table. It will be the ideal addition to his personal space, plus you might win the favorite-child-of-the year award.

The Ultimate Dad's Day Gift Guide

Don’t shoot in the dark and hope you buy dad a gift he’ll love, guarantee it with a visit to Rec Warehouse.

2. Take grillmaster to a whole new level. For the man who prefers to spend his free time outside next to an open fire, grilling various selections of meats and vegetables, you should consider amping up his grilling game. Help show dad how much you appreciate him with an updated outdoor kitchen or new patio furniture so you two can enjoy each of his grilled masterpieces together.

3. Help him relax any day of the week. It is no secret the stress of life can be overwhelming at times and parents, in particular, tend to carry a lot of the overbearing weight on their shoulders. Help dad release his burdens with a hot tub which will relax and rejuvenate him at the end of a long workday. It also gives him the ability to unwind and kick back on the weekend. If your dad is an athlete, a golfer, a gardener, or someone who works a physically challenging job, the potential to walk into the backyard and melt away built-up muscle tension will be a welcome benefit he will value for years.

4. Keep dad cool when things heat up. Summers in the south can be overwhelming in terms of heat and humidity. Staying cool is a full-time job, and it usually takes a lot of planning and preparation to avoid its grasp between June and September. A misting fan is a powerful, but portable, tool to combat the sticky weather. Even more refreshing on a steamy summer day, is a dip into the fresh, calm waters of an above ground pool.

The Ultimate Dad's Day Gift Guide

Luckily, Rec Warehouse has everything you need to help make this year’s Father’s Day the best one to date. Rec Warehouse has one of the industry’s most robust collection of high-quality recreation and leisure products, all at affordable prices. Plus, the knowledgeable sales associates are eager to help you with your questions or concerns. If you are unable to make it to one of the two beautifully furnished showrooms in the Atlanta area, you can always shop online at the e-commerce site,, where the live chat feature offers an experience which parallels that received at the brick-and-mortar locations.

Rec Warehouse has been in the business of “selling fun for less” since its inception in the 1980’s, and they have everything you need to make sure Dad feels like a beloved superhero this year. Stop by online or in person to see how you can break away from another tie or set of golf balls and tees and get dad a gift he’ll really enjoy.

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