Blackstar Warrior Brings The Funk On June 24

Blackstar Warrior is a new program being brought to Bounce next week. The original spoof celebrates some blaxploitation films of the 70s. Leonard Roberts starts as protagonist space detective Tyson Roderick. Tyson is on a mission that gets him into some interesting situations. Its a combination of Star Wars, Shaft and other cult classics.

I previewed the program this week and was immediately pulled in. The retro attire and dialogue between characters were captivating. I watched it with my 8 year old niece who was amazed at the costuming. Her only criticism was that Tyson's jacket was way too tight.

This original short film is something that the whole family can watch together. Be sure to catch it on Brown Sugar, the popular subscription video-on-demand service from Bounce on June 24. For more on Brown Sugar CLICK HERE.

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