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REVIEW: Kang Buk Sushi

Kang Buk Sushi Suwanee, GA

After several months, I finally made it here. This Korean/Japanese fusion is unlike any other I’ve ever experienced. Owners Leon & Joanne are the best! They welcomed us with open arms. The lunch buffet is the most extravagant spread that I’ve ever seen at an Asian restaurant. As a typical foodie, I glanced over all the tables before making my plate. Everything looked pleasant. But how would it taste? There was no doubt in my mind that I was in for a treat. However, this cuisine exceeded expectations. Not only did it look appetizing but it tasted sensational! I usually don’t visit buffets. Germs, over cooked food, undercooked food etc. That was not the case today. One of my favorites is the seafood noodle. The flavors are tantalizing and the noodles are just firm enough. The sushi rolls were great too! The mango roll totally has my heart! All dishes and sauces are made fresh and onsite. I actually taste the difference!!! I will definitely be back with other foodies very soon! Ash said it was the best Asian Fusion in ATLANTA! Click Here for reservations. #ashsaidit

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