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REVIEW: Allora ATL Gains New Fan!

Ash Said it Loves Allora ATL

Allora ATL takes modern Italian cuisine to the next level! I cannot picture a better location for it than in Atlantic Station. The restaurant compliments its neighboring hotel quite well. The front door is gigantic yet light to pull open. Walking inside takes you to an alternate universe. The interior décor was just right. Warm and welcoming.

Our server, Mariah, was friendly and made the experience great. As soon as we were seated, I was ready to eat. The menu is definitely unique. You won't find many if any of these items around town. My colleague decided to go with the Spinach Salad. This was not a typical salad. It included seared salmon, toasted quinoa, blueberries, feta cheese, toasted seeds and honey vinaigrette. Delightful! It came out looking like perfection in a bowl.

I was going to be good and stay on track with a salad. However, that did not occur. The Shrimp Campanelle was calling my name. How could I resist? Beautiful shrimp, leeks, tarragon, preserved lemon in an amazing butter sauce. This was the best decision I've made all week! The flavors were outstanding and mostly because they use fresh ingredients. I can tell the difference when an eatery uses something from a can versus fresh from a market. It makes a world of difference.

No meal is complete without dessert. The olive oil cake knew my first and last name. I could not leave without diving into it. This is not your average cake. The cake was served warm and accompanied by a scoop of honey gelato. I was satisfied. I wasn't over easy.

I reminisced about the array of flavors I experienced on this day on the ride back. I haven't been this impressed with a local spot in a while. I am a critic so if things are not right, I let them know. I applaud Allora ATL for creating a unique upscale atmosphere for guests. The food is exceptional. They would have to be my favorite dine in Italian restaurant in Atlanta. Be sure to visit them this weekend. Why? Because Ash Said It!

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Photos Courtesy of Ash Said It LLC

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