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*Small Biz Feature* DaVinci's Donuts

Davinci's Donuts

These are so much more than words—they are a way of life. Being a self-taught cook, I have fond memories of making donuts with my mom and have carried on that tradition with my own boys. Combining my creative side with my Italian heritage and absolute LOVE of donuts, my husband and I have created Da Vinci's Donuts.

Da Vinci's is a unique and creative take on donuts and the typical donut cafe. You can choose from our inspired flavors, like tiramisu, maple bacon, or dulce de leche or use your creativity to customize your own masterpiece! With our modest size donut yet abundant toppings, you can enjoy your treat with higher satisfaction and less guilt than traditional donuts. Pairing it with a locally roasted cup of coffee, or a gourmet cup of tea completes your experience.

We strive to provide a unique, artistic environment that gets you in touch with your creative side. Our donuts are perfect to enjoy anytime with family, friends or with co-workers. We can also accommodate large orders for your office and our unique treats will make your next special occasion extra special.

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