The Perfect Balance Hype

Close friends and family know that I am a yogi to my core. I practice regularly because it helps me to release stress. My background with pilates also helps a bit. However, after a few months I find myself on the same journey. I need new exercise leggings.

At first, I was a bit skeptical of Perfect Balance DNA Leggings. Social media was filled with mentions about this budding brand. But were they really as effective as people say they were? They are. I've had my DNA Leggings for over a month and I love them. The material fits like a glove. Not only do they flatter my figure but they encourage different poses with the landmark prints.

They are perfect for a person, like myself, that is constantly on the go. There is even a hidden pocket that I usually put my key in. They also facilitate muscle memory. If you practice yoga, pilates or barre you need these pants! They will absolutely change the way you exercise. Your body with thank you for better form too.

For more info on the DNA Leggings as well as other products click here.

This post contains links sponsored by Perfect Balance.

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