Kids Love Stunt Planes

Stomp Rocket® Jr

The flowers are in bloom and I can’t wait to play outside. With the sun out and the temps high it’s the perfect time for some fun. Stunt Planes perfect for kids 3 and up. My nieces loved to run, jump and then stomp on this toy. It doesn’t require batteries and is super easy to assemble.

I gifted the toy to the girls as an early Easter gift. While it wasn’t quite time for a scavenger hunt, they enjoyed stomping rockets high in the sky. The foam tipped rockets can reach heights as far as 100 feet. And boy did they accept that challenge. They high on the top of the hill and low in the open lawn.

If your kids are little busy bodies, you need a Stunt Planes in your life. After about an hour of play, the girls were ready for a nap. When they woke up, they were ready to go at it again. This is a safe toy that an adult should monitor with their kids. I love bringing them fun stuff but safety is always first. Click Here for more on this product as well as the rest of their line.


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