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How Peejamas Achieved An Impressive Milestone: 7 Figures in 7 Months While Helping Eliminate 7 Milli

How Peejamas Achieved An Impressive Milestone: 7 Figures in 7 Months While Helping Eliminate 7 Million Diapers Ending Up In Landfills

Peejamas - the cleaner, cheaper, and more convenient way to potty train appears to be resonating deeply with parents as they recently achieved an impressive milestone: 7 figures in revenue in just seven months of fulfilling orders.

Their impressive success started with a Kickstarter campaign in which Peejamas went on to have the highest funded children’s apparel product in crowdfunding history, selling nearly $250,000 of pre-orders in just 45 days. After receiving orders last fall, Peejamas has reached over $1M in sales in just 7 months.

Created to give parents a better option than traditional disposable diapers, Peejamas approach potty training completely differently. Rather than taking the more common approach of having a diaper and the jammies or bedtime attire, Peejamas provide a washable, reusable pajama set with absorbent elements included directly in the jammies meaning the child only puts on one item. Peejamas believes that this not only helps the child recognize that they are not wearing a diaper and thus reinforcing daytime practices, but also provides the child with discretion and confidence during the potty-training phase and beyond.

“Potty Training is a universal experience that every parent - every person - goes through in life. Peejamas’ mission is to provide an alternative option for parents that is better for both the environment and their child (and the parent). The interest, support, and success in our first year is a humbling and motivating testament that parents want a better option than what has been previously available. - Craig Hammond, Founder & CEO”

Though the Peejamas team is understandably ecstatic with the company’s growth, they are more pleased with the changes they have made in the lives of their customers and the environment. That’s where the third ‘seven’ comes in. Hammond reported that within their first year of sales, they helped eliminate the equivalent of nearly seven million diapers ending up in landfills. “Unbelievable!”, Hammond says. He continued, “knowing that we took millions of diapers and several thousand pounds of waste from US landfills is incredible. Hearing from our customers about how Peejamas have helped them and their child is the best feeling in the world and keeps us motivated to continue working and improving so every child has a better potty training experience.”

As for Hammond’s and Peejamas plans for the future? “Double our first year’s sales”, he says. With a small taste of the demand for a better, environmentally-friendlier product, Hammond said they are aggressively working toward helping more and more people. To do that they are increasing the sizes offered to meet the needs of bigger kids that deal with the surprisingly common issue of nocturnal enuresis, as well as older children in the special needs community. And as for the next big drop coming in just a few weeks? Peejamas will release their first set of Peejamas shorts, just in time for summer.

To learn more about Peejamas products and their mission, visit

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