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Omax Health Launches O-Shot CBD Arousal Oil

Omax Health  Launches  O-Shot  CBD Arousal Oil

Omax Healthannounced the launch of O-Shot CBD Arousal Oil, the first product in their new CBD based sexual wellness line. Formulated specifically for women, the natural oil promotes increased arousal and stimulation with a unique blend of botanicals including full-spectrum CBD.

O-Shot CBD Arousal Oil is made with luxurious, liquid coconut oil (MCT) and CBD, plus kava root, peppermint, cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla, which combine to create a warming and tingling effect that relaxes the body. The gentle formula is natural, pH balanced, and completely non-toxic with no harsh chemicals so it’s safe and 100% edible.

“Sexual health is such an important part of overall health and wellness. O-Shot arousal oil is a game changer for women as it naturally helps stimulate circulation and blood flow resulting in an increase in libido and sexual pleasure.”

– Dr. Amy Killen, anti-aging and regenerative medicine physician

Omax Health, a leader in science-based nutraceuticals, has continued to grow its CBD-based health & wellness products to support its “life to the max” mission. CBD product lines include sleep and stress support, advanced pain management, and sexual health.

O-Shot CBD Arousal Oil (1 oz / 30 mL) retails for $39.95 and is available at April 16, 2019. Wholesale inquiries should be directed to

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