Give Your Kids The Experience Of the Winning Paris Saint-Germain Methodology This Summer

Give Your Kids The Experience Of the Winning Paris Saint-Germain Methodology This Summer

In Summer 2019, Paris Saint-Germain Academy will be launching its first tour of Summer Camps across the United States.

Paris Saint-Germain is a world-renowned European soccer club boasting a great legacy, legendary players and a lavish play style. Through its academies across the world, Paris Saint-Germain has built one of the largest youth soccer networks, providing the Paris Saint-Germain training techniques and a world-class development pathway, specializing in fostering high potential players.

After bringing the Paris Saint-Germain Academy methodology to the United States, Paris Saint-Germain Academy is prepared to continue its mission, through the first tour of Summer Camps starting in June of 2019.

Paris Saint-Germain Academy soccer camps are a unique opportunity for boys and girls from ages 6 to 17 to learn the Paris Saint-Germain methodology and techniques in an enriching learning environment, while taking their game to the next level. Through a full week of intensive training sessions, players will take part in activities that will teach them new skills and improve others, exchanging plenty of high-fives and smiles along the way.

A technical team with carefully chosen coaches will make the trip from the Headquarters in Paris to the United States exclusively to teach young players the beautiful game of “football.” Paris Saint-Germain Academy focuses on building smart, physically prepared and mentally strong players who are successful both on and off the field. Paris Saint-Germain is committed to youth development, ensuring players become knowledgeable, mature and capable of making the right decisions on the field and through life.

10 Locations (12 weeks available)

Miami, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Orlando, Atlanta, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Nashville, Las Vegas, & Fort Lauderdale.

50+ Paris Saint-Germain Coaches

2000+ Players expected this summer (limited spots)

Register at:

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