How to Get Married in Vegas.. THE RIGHT WAY!

Gone is the day of the Las Vegas drive through wedding or "Chapel O' Love" setup that's become a cultural punchline. Eloping to Fabulous Las Vegas has become a more picturesque proposition, thanks to Las Vegas Elopement Expert, McKenzi Taylor. McKenzi's company, Cactus Collective Weddings, is an all-inclusive Las Vegas destination wedding company for couples who want to run off to Vegas to get married, but who don't want to sacrifice magic and romance. McKenzi has taken weddings off the strip and into the scenic outdoor backdrops of Las Vegas' terrain. "It puts a completely different spin on things, and couples walk away with breathtaking photographs," says McKenzi.

McKenzi and her husband Matthew eloped to Las Vegas where they tied the knot in Red Rock Canyon (pictured left). This sparked the idea for her company, and now she re-creates the experience for hundreds of couples from all over the world, each year. "People come to us looking for that intoxicating combination of glamour, excitement and turn-key ease. We handle location permits, the ceremony, a champagne and cake reception, extra added touches to personalize vows, and of course, stunning photography. A Las Vegas local since 2013, McKenzi anticipates coordinating 400+ of these weddings in 2020.

"We're creating experiences for couples to get married surrounded by million-dollar views, for just a few thousand dollars," adds McKenzi. Though many of her clients choose to elope privately, some bring up to twenty, or even up to fifty guests. McKenzi does work with local couples, but the majority of her clients are from all over the U.S., and all over the world. They leave it up to her expertise to coordinate their big day, remotely, and are pleasantly surprised at how smoothly the whole process is. "The number one comment I get from my clients is, 'Wow! You made that so easy!'

"People now realize that eloping to Las Vegas doesn't have to be so cookie cutter. Couples can make eloping to Vegas an elegant destination experience."

Very few companies have the expertise, staff and logistical knowledge to do weddings in these locations, giving Cactus Collective Weddings a unique niche in the Las Vegas wedding market. As far as seasonal preferences, McKenzi says October, November, April and May are most popular.

Imagine taking your vows surrounded by 360-degree views of Nevada's breathtaking terrain. "It's a far cry from getting married by Elvis," says McKenzi.

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