The Sweet and Salty Popcorn you need for National Popcorn Day (1/19)

This Sunday, January 19th is National Popcorn Day and we encourage you not to settle for your everyday, boring popcorn. Instead, use Saltverk Icelandic Licorice Salt for the sweet and salty, unique and delicious, popcorn of your dreams.

SALTVERK LICORICE POPCORN 1 Tablespoon Saltverk Licorice Salt 5 Quarts of buttered popcorn Toss licorice salt with fresh buttered popcorn and enjoy.

ABOUT SALTVERK Saltverk is a flaky sea salt that is harvested from Iceland's pristine seawater and made using a long-forgotten 17th-century process that Saltverk's founder Björn Steinar Jónsson revived.The production is powered by 100% geothermal energy and ensures that the salt retains its natural minerals- giving the salts an umami flavor. Because the process uses 100% geothermal energy, there is zero carbon footprint in its production. Available on and via Amazon.

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