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Powerful True Story Chronicles Woman’s Triumph After Unspeakable Heartaches

Powerful True Story Chronicles Woman’s Triumph After Unspeakable Heartaches

In 1979, life changed dramatically for Soheila Adelipour and her family. Fleeing chaos and persecution in Iran following the Islamic revolution and landing in New York, this family found stability there and worked hard to achieve education, jobs, spouses and children. But life had yet to take its cruelest toll.

Chronicling their experiences in Dancing to the Darkest Light, Adelipour recounts how her only brother became a neurosurgeon while others followed different paths. But their successful relocation and the joy they felt over each triumph was soon shattered when the Adelipour's second son, Stefan, was killed in a dorm room fire before his scheduled graduation from Boston University.

Adelipour channeled her grief into the foundation she established in his name. Soon after, her older sister had to undergo five brain surgeries that left her blind and deaf before ultimately claiming her life. The same week, their only brother who was supervising her care was diagnosed with leukemia. Adelipour gave him her bone marrow and 60 percent of her liver when his liver stopped functioning. Doctors ultimately announced he was cancer-free with a perfectly functioning liver, but the week he was to come home, he died from pneumonia.

How one perseveres under the weight of all this loss is at the core of Dancing to the Darkest Light. “When life plays different music, we have to be fluid and dance to the new tune,” Adelipour said.

Adelipour received her bachelor's degree in business and her master's degree in Art Gallery Management while her first two children were in diapers. She was involved with the World of Arts and Antiques in New York City and followed that by operating high-end gift stores.

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Dancing to the Darkest Light

Released: September 2019

ISBN-10: 173371264X

ISBN-13: 978-1733712644

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