Trying to motivate for summer is hard enough, but that coupled with the fact we’re in quarantine REALLY makes it difficult. The good news is working out, staying motivated, and getting the body you want is all within reach with KICHGO.

Created by celebrity fitness trainer and nationally recognized Pilates expert, Kit Rich, KICHGO is a “big gym in a little bag” that everyone craves whether they are on the road or busy at home.

Working out by yourself is fine, but as we all know working out with someone (including virtually) can be beneficial both physically and mentally. It’s safe to say that we’re all doing our best during these challenging times so it’s important to have a person to help us stay motivated. So if you’re lonely or just looking for a workout companion, grab a friend and have some fun with KICHGO!

Kit created a 7-day KICHGO Tribe Challenge where you grab your partner—in person or virtual—and workout along with her and her husband. The YouTube videos can be found here.

June is an important month for celebrating friends and in hopes of continuing the mission to stay motivated, Kit is offering KICHGO customers a discount of buy one get the second one at 20% off with the code BFF20. The code is valid until June 30.

Kit is also offering additional KICHGO workout exercises that are perfect for staying fit and feeling great this summer. You’ll need a KICHGO jump rope, door anchor, resistance band with ankle strap, sliders, and ball in order to do these exercises.


What you’ll need: KICHGO Jump rope and resistance band (for a more challenging workout)

Length of time: 40 seconds on, 20 seconds rest, a total of 10 minutes

What you’re working: Core, arms, legs

Jumping rope is extremely beneficial and is an incredible cardio workout. It’s less impact than a HIIT routine and is great for your core, arms, and legs. Jumping rope, the regular way is great, but with these few additions from Kit will take your workout to the next level. These exercises burn a lot of calories and are a great full-body strength routine.

  • Grab your resistance band and put above the knee. This works the outer legs more and will maximize efforts in a shorter time.

  • Start with high knees

  • Open and close legs (jumping jacks)

  • Forward and back (scissors)

  • Single lateral hops with one leg lifted up (20 seconds per leg)


What you’ll need: KICHGO door anchor and resistance loop with handle

Length of time: 40 seconds on, 20 seconds rest, 3 times

What you’re working: Lats, back, and legs

The door anchor is one of the single greatest pieces of equipment as it is a multi-functional tool and can simulate many of the Pilates reformer exercises. It also is great for those who don’t have a pull-up bar and are looking to strengthen their back.

  • Put the resistance loop with handles through the loop of the door anchor

  • Lat Pull: Door anchor needs to be high so you can pull down. Turn towards the door, holding handles, starting with arms overhead. Pull the arms down, bending at elbows, feeling shoulder blades slide down the back. Keep your chest open. Hold and then return to starting position.

  • Rowing: Door anchor is now shoulder height or just below shoulders. Start with arms directly in front of you towards the center of the door, palms facing each other, and then pull back while keeping arms close to your torso. Hold, open chest and squeeze shoulder blades together and then return to starting position.

  • If you would like to add a few leg exercises you can add a stationary lunge to your row. Do lunge and then when you are in a standing position row

  • Hug a tree: turn away from the door. Start with arms in a big hug position with arms open wide. Chest up. Circle arms towards each other and imagine you are trying to hug a tree and then release arms back out. For more of a challenge, balance on one leg while you do the move. This will challenge your core.

  • Torso twist: turn to the side. Hold the handles in both hands and interlace your hands. Extend your arms forward and in the middle of your chest. Standing with feet wider than hip-width apart, twist the torso away from the door taking the band with you. Hold the twist and then slowly return back to starting position. Make sure to repeat on the other side. For more of a challenge to the core, balance on one leg while twisting.


We often use the resistance band with handles, but the loop with ankle strap is a great tool for those looking for the extra push during their workout to work the glutes!

What you’ll need: KICHGO Resistance band with ankle strap

Length of time: 40 seconds on, 20 seconds rest, 3 times

What you’re working: outer thighs, arms, legs

  • Velcro your strap to your right ankle to start. Hold the band in both hands and extend them out in front of you. You should feel resistance in arms right away. Stand with your right leg back and kick your leg back and up at a diagonal. Squeeze the outer thigh at the top of the movement. You should feel resistance since you’re holding the band. This move with work glutes, core, balance, and arms.

  • Another great exercise is if you use the band on all fours. Hold it underneath your hands, leg with band straight back, and kick up. You can add small circles, pulses for added fun, challenge, and benefit.


What you’ll need: KICHGO Sliders

Length of time: 40 seconds, 20 seconds rest, 3 rounds

What you’re working: Core

  • Put your sliders underneath your heels and lie down on your back. Flex your feet.

  • While in a crunch position slide your legs out and in while keeping your hips stable. The goal is to keep the hips stable and to stay in a crunch position. Start moving the sliders slowly and then start to pick up the pace.

  • You can do single legs or for a harder challenge do both legs at the same time.


What you’ll need: KICHGO inflatable ball

Length of time: 40 seconds on, 20 seconds rest, 3 times

What you’re working: Core, arms, legs

  • Place the ball between your inner thighs and lie down on your back

  • Get into tabletop position (legs at a 90-degree angle)

  • Begin in a crunch position with hands behind head. Extend legs forward to a 45-degree angle, hold, and pulse the ball 3 times and then return back to starting position

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