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Arrive (Formerly Dronedek) Shares Insight on Emerging Trends in Autonomous Delivery

Arrive (Formerly Dronedek) Shares Insight on Emerging Trends in Autonomous Delivery
Arrive (Formerly Dronedek) Shares Insight on Emerging Trends in Autonomous Delivery

As many people toss around whether autonomous delivery and technology will become more prolific in our lives, some industry leaders are pointing out that it's already here to stay. Dan O'Toole, chief executive officer of Arrive, is boldly declaring that it's not a matter of if we will have autonomous delivery in our lives, it’s when we will have it.

"There is no doubt that everyone will be impacted by autonomous technology at some point; it's just a matter of when it will reach them,” said Arrive CEO Dan O’Toole. “We are excited about all that is emerging in the field and look forward to more of what the future in this industry holds. We are thrilled to be a part of it.”

One look at the headlines and it’s clear that there are emerging trends in autonomous technology, which include:

  • Some drones drop off prescription refills to people, making them getting medications easier. Contactless medication delivery is expected to help reduce costs and increase efficiency.

  • Autonomous vehicles are being used to provide people taxi services. In Phoenix and San Francisco, people can contact Waymo for a ride somewhere, just like they would an Uber. Only with this method there is nobody driving the vehicle.

  • In some larger cities, such as Los Angeles, autonomous robots move down the sidewalk to make food deliveries. Similar to a combination of a grocery basket and a cooler, someone loads up the food into the system, and then it heads over to make the delivery, stopping at crosswalks and lights along the way.

  • Food delivery drones deliver everything from sub sandwiches to pizzas, helping to keep fewer vehicles on the road. This provides consumers with a simple and low-cost delivery option if they want food delivered to their door. Drone delivery for food delivery will be especially appealing to those who live in areas that experience traffic congestion. Food makes it home without having to sit in traffic jams.

  • Autonomous ships are in the works, which are slated to help reduce transport costs, make the ships more cost effective to build, and allow for navigating more treacherous waters.

  • Many warehouse businesses are considering turning to autonomous warehouse robots, which is a growing market. The robots are helping to reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

  • Some large grocery stores offer shopping assistant drones, which can help people do their weekly grocery shopping or grab one quick item they forgot to bring.

According to Yahoo! Finance, revenue from commercial drones will surpass military sales by 2025. They report that drones have the potential to free up a limited labor force for more creative tasks, giving companies a chance to become more innovative. Companies that use drone delivery will also offer their customers another channel they can connect through.

"Now is the time to get comfortable and excited with the possibilities that autonomous delivery and technology will bring,” adds O’Toole.

In the near future, people will be able to ship and return Amazon deliveries via autonomous technology, order cold ice cream and hot pizza, get notifications, and assist in emergency situations. People will even be able to play Christmas music throughout their neighborhood. The technology will also include notifications, certified letters delivery, alerts, and more.

Arrive is preparing for a public offering and has secured the Nasdaq ticker symbol: ARRV. The company is the world's first smart Mailbox-as-a-Service (MaaS) infrastructure and platform for Autonomous Delivery Networks (ADNs). Its solutions help businesses and consumers more securely and efficiently send and receive packages from people, robots, or drones. The company has raised over $8.5 million from more than 4,700 investors to develop its products and bring its solutions to the market. Furthermore, it has announced several partnerships across its MaaS ecosystem including Hush Aerospace, HEI Integrated Systems, Joule Case and A2Z Drone Delivery.

To see videos of Arrive in action,

To learn more about Arrive, visit the site:

About Arrive:

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind., Arrive (formerly Dronedek) is a pioneering technology company revolutionizing last-mile delivery and pickup. Founded by serial entrepreneur Dan O'Toole, Arrive addresses the evolving needs of autonomous drones and robotic delivery by unlocking the secure, seamless movement of goods and supplies between people, robots, and drones. The company's smart Mailbox-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform and infrastructure solutions empower Autonomous Delivery Networks (ADNs) to operate more efficiently with secure and climate-assisted cargo space, smart alerts, and chain of custody. Capabilities are accessible in apps, APIs, and processes that help partners and customers get the most out of conventional carriers, couriers, and ADNs. The company has raised over $8.5 million from 4,700 investors and forged strategic partnerships with several industry leaders. Learn more about Arrive's innovative solutions at




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