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Columbus Short Talks Hollywood, Britney Spears and MLK

It was an honor catching up with the multi-talented Columbus Short. Most know him from the movie Stomp The Yard and the tv show Scandal. He took some much needed time away from the limelight and now he’s back better than ever! In his new book Short Stories: The Autobiography of Columbus Short he leaves no stone unturned. He details industry life like we’ve never seen before. During our talk he opens up about his childhood aspirations, working with one of the worlds biggest pop stars and emerging from the ashes a champion. His book is now available online on all platforms and wherever books/audio books are sold.

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The life of actor/choreographer/musician Columbus Short has been punctuated with traumas that extend well beyond the plot lines of his previous role on the hit series Scandal. Short has lived many lives packed into one-from a family filled with turmoil to tumultuous love affairs and enough scandals of his own. But somewhere in the middle, Short's realization that there has to be a better way comes into full view. "Short Stories" not only details Columbus Short's journey from childhood to Hollywood, it shows how even the most checkered of pasts can create a different person with the right amount of will and drive, especially when it comes to fulfilling your true destiny.

Columbus Short is a character, he has the depth and breadth required to comfortably take your audience into his world, and make them a part of it. Getting this intimate view into his personal story is gripping and seductive.

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