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"Is the Travel Industry Ready for the Surge of American Travelers in 2024?"

90% of Americans Plan to Travel in 2024
90% of Americans Plan to Travel in 2024

A new report is shedding light on American travel plans for the new year– and 50% of Americans say they’re planning on traveling more in 2024.

IPX1031 surveyed 1,000 people, nationwide, about their travel plans for the new year. Highlights include: 

  • 90% are planning on travel in 2024; 38% will travel internationally, while 85% will go out of state

  • Top travel destinations for Americans: Florida, California, New York, Japan, Nevada 

  • 72% plan on staying in a hotel while 1 in 3 will stay in a rental home

  • 58% prefer hotels to other accommodations, and 49% believe hotels offer the best value

How are Americans affording travel? The report revealed more than half (54%) say the current economy is impacting their travel plans; with 15% admitting to canceling or postponing travel due to costs. For those that are forging ahead with travel plans, 66% say they’re budgeting an average of $5,300 for travel in 2024.


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