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J'ouvert Caribbean Kitchen and Bar Officially Opens March 20

Atlanta, GA - March 19, 2024 - Renowned restaurateur Tasha Cyril, founder of The Tasha Belle Group, is poised to elevate Atlanta's dining landscape with the official opening of her latest culinary gem, J'ouvert Caribbean Kitchen and Bar, scheduled for March 20, 2024. The restaurant will begin welcoming guests starting at 9 a.m. ET on Wednesday, March 20th, 2024.


J'ouvert Caribbean Kitchen and Bar signifies Tasha Cyril's next culinary chapter, where she steers the ship as both the creative visionary and guiding force. This endeavor builds upon her past successes with establishments like Belle & Lily's Caribbean Brunch House, APT 4B, and Ms. Icey's Kitchen and Bar. Drawing inspiration from Cyril's St. Lucian heritage and blending in flavors from Trinidad, Jamaica, and Haiti, J'ouvert promises a menu as diverse as it is colorful.

The restaurant's name, "J'ouvert," pays tribute to Cyril's cherished St. Lucian Carnival festival, renowned for its spirited early morning celebrations. Open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., J'ouvert shares a thematic kinship with Belle & Lily's but offers a unique culinary journey. Standout menu items include pina colada French toast, passion fruit pancakes, curry mushroom roti, Trinidadian doubles (curried chickpea sandwiches), corn soup, scotch bonnet shrimp, and a heartwarming braised pulled lamb dish that evokes memories of Cyril's grandmother's kitchen.


J'ouvert Caribbean Kitchen and Bar is located at 558 Main Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30324. For more information or to review their official menu, please visit: 


About Tasha Cyril:

Tasha Cyril stands as a trailblazer and esteemed restaurateur with an unwavering devotion to Caribbean-inspired cuisine. Her commitment to crafting distinctive dining experiences has propelled the success of numerous iconic Atlanta establishments, including Belle & Lily's Caribbean Brunch House, APT 4B, Ms. Icey's Kitchen and Bar, and now J'ouvert Caribbean Kitchen and Bar.


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