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National Bourbon Day Helps Dads Celebrate in Style

Dads have gotten things like ties on Father's Day for years, but most of us know that is not what he wants. They work hard all year, and they want the most time to relax and maybe sip an adult beverage while doing it. Ironclad Distillery is the perfect place to make that happen this year, as they offer a unique bourbon-tasting experience that fits perfectly with National Bourbon Day, June 14, 2024, and Father’s Day, June 16, 2024.


"It’s more than a simple coincidence that National Bourbon Day and Father’s Day are close together," said Stephen King, founder and president of Ironclad Distillery Co. and the Ironclad Inn & Bourbon Tasting Room. “The two compliment each other, and we are offering a great way to celebrate Dad this year."


According to the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICE), bourbon has recently seen a resurgence in popularity. They report that there is more than 9 million barrels of it aging in Kentucky, and while 95% of the world’s bourbon supply is produced there, it can be produced anywhere in the country. Ironclad Distillery is one of those unique producers of the bourbon that people love.


AICE reports that the definition of what makes a bourbon is that it is a spirit made from at least 51% corn. The grains are heated with water, creating a mash, and then it is fermented. After aging, distilleries batch multiple barrels, called small batching, to ensure the flavor is consistent. Some people like to then enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or with a splash of water.


Whether dads get a couple of hours to enjoy the bourbon tasting on their own, meet up with other dads to do it together, or mom and dad sneak off for a special evening, it is sure to please. The Ironclad Inn & Bourbon Tasting Room offers a great way to celebrate Dad and allow him to taste their unique bourbon.


The property was formerly Kenmore Inn in the historical area of Fredericksburg, Virginia. It was purchased and turned into the Ironclad Inn & Bourbon Tasting Room, giving people the perfect place bed and breakfast location where they can stay overnight or stop by for bourbon tasting in a beautiful historical setting. The property is from circa 1793 and features a lot of traditional décor. Each room also features a bourbon cart.


“We look forward to celebrating National Bourbon Day," added King. “Stop by and visit our tasting room and see what the buzz is all about!”

The Ironclad Distillery Co. focuses on creating authentic bourbon that is fermented, distilled, and bottled under one roof. The Ironclad Inn offers sitting areas on the property where guests can relax and unwind overnight and during the day with bourbon, cocktails, and light tapas. Starting in June 2024, they will also offer "House Music" from 6 pm to 8 pm on the first Wednesday of each month, featuring live local musicians.

The Kenmore Inn, located in historic downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia, was built circa 1793. The new Ironclad Inn& Bourbon Tasting Room offers nine residential rooms, each with a bourbon bar cart. The main bedrooms are in the 18th century and provide traditional beds, original fireplaces, seating areas, and sleep for 2-3 people. Additional bedrooms are in the area of the home that was added in the 1930s and sleep two. Breakfast is served daily from 7:30 am to 10:00 am, offering a taste of the South. Coffee, tea, and water are served all day. The Bourbon Tasting Room offers tastings, cocktails, and a daily light snack menu until 8 pm. They also offer event spaces that can accommodate up to 120 people.

To get more information about holding an event at the Ironclad Inn & Bourbon Tasting Room or booking a room, visit the site at: Follow them on Facebook at:

About Ironclad Inn & Bourbon Tasting Room

The bed and breakfast is located in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia, offering a unique place for people to stay and hold events. Guests can stay in one of their historic rooms, enjoy Southern hospitality, and engage in bourbon tastings. Inspired by the personalized hospitality of a private family home, the bedrooms, and shared spaces are designed for finding a home away from home where lively stories can be swapped over a bourbon or two. An interconnected part of the family-owned distillery and Tasting Room in Newport News, Ironclad Inn extends Ironclad Distillery Co.'s dedication to quality, connection, and hospitality into the experience of living, traveling, and coming home to a glass of the good stuff. Several special event options also allow guests to hold events of up to 120 people. To get more information, visit the site at:



American Institute of Chemical Engineers. The Chemistry of Bourbon. August 2021.


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