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New Culinary Gem, Auburn Angel, To Open On Historic Auburn Avenue

Auburn Angel to Open This Spring in Preserved Building With Chef Robbie Pacheco at the Helm of the Kitchen 

ATLANTA: Historic Auburn Avenue in Atlanta is about to witness a delicious revival with the grand opening of Auburn Angel this spring. Paying homage to the rich heritage of Auburn Avenue, Auburn Angel aims to become a beacon of culinary excellence while honoring the legacy of this iconic thoroughfare. Known across the globe, Auburn Avenue, which extends less than two miles eastward from Peachtree Street, holds a significant place in American history.

The cherished street served as the heart of the Civil Rights Movement. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., born and raised on Auburn Avenue, spent a significant portion of his life living and working there. It was on this street that King co-pastored Ebenezer Baptist Church and where the Southern Christian Leadership Conference was headquartered. Thus, Auburn Avenue stands as a testament to the resilience and determination of those who fought for equality and justice. Today, multiple landmarks reside on the street including The King Center, MLK Jr. National Historical Park, and Ebenezer Baptist Church, and it is where the MLK Jr. Day Parade is celebrated annually. 

Auburn Angel, a new restaurant from Atlanta natives and partners Asa Fain, an Atlanta entrepreneur + licensed commercial contractor, and seasoned chef Robbie Pacheco (Brewed to Serve Culinary Director, Country Club of the South, Porsche’s Restaurant 356, Cardamom Hill), is proud to join the ranks of the esteemed establishments on Auburn Avenue, breathing new life into a space that holds deep historical significance. This venture represents a blend of culinary innovation and respect for tradition, with a menu that signifies a trending shift in Atlanta’s culinary scene. The restaurant will occupy the space formerly known as the Auburn Avenue Rib Shack, preserving the building's historical charm while infusing it with modern design elements.

Purchased in 2018 by Fain after sitting vacant since 2014, the building’s restoration had to undergo several, lengthy approvals from various organizations including the Georgia Historic Preservation Division, the Urban Design Commission, and more to ensure historical integrity was upheld and maintained. The restoration of this iconic structure symbolizes Auburn Angel's commitment to preserving the heritage of the community while also embracing growth and advancement. But this didn’t come without its own set of challenges.

When COVID-19 hit in 2020, Fain and contractors across the globe encountered one of the most challenging times in the industry’s history. Sourcing basic materials – such as steel, cement, and roofing materials – became difficult with lengthy arrival times and costs soon tripled. Funds began to dwindle, but just in the nick of time, Fain was able to secure additional investment in the form of an Invest Atlanta Eastside Tax Allocation District (Eastside TAD) grant, and thus, construction moved forward. Originally 2,000 square feet, the Auburn Angel space has nearly doubled during renovations. Situated within a 3,995-square-foot space, the restaurant will seat 60 inside the cozy dining room and 60 underneath a covered patio.

Seating will include an array of booths, 4-tops, and bar seating. Private dining accommodations will also be available upon request. Designed by Patti Krohngold, the space seamlessly integrates the original walls from its days as a rib shack, and guests will observe the layers and layers of historic paint from the building’s tenure. During renovations, the kitchen transitioned to the back of the building, however, the building’s historic grill pit, which still has that beautiful patina from smoke and fire from years of use by the Auburn Rib Shack, will remain near the entrance of the restaurant. “I wanted to preserve as much character and history as I could on that sweet little corner of Auburn Avenue,” said Krohngold. “I created an inviting and modern interior for the Auburn Angel team that still has some of the old character shining through.” 

The heart and soul of Auburn Angel's culinary vision reside in the expertise of Executive Chef Robbie Pacheco. With a background steeped in culinary exploration and a passion for diverse flavors, Chef Robbie brings a wealth of experience to the table. The menu at Auburn Angel will change regularly and feature cutting-edge small plates in a casual and inviting setting. “I’m eager to showcase to the community what will be a crossroads of my culinary journey,” said Chef Robbie. “Guests can expect an ever-evolving menu based on the best products available at the time.

Bringing in fresh ingredients from local purveyors will enhance the experience, ensuring an epicurean adventure that evolves with the seasons.” Drawing inspiration from flavors he has worked with throughout his tenure, including continental, Chinese, Indian, global spices, and more, Chef Robbie’s menu will mirror the melting pot of cultures found in Atlanta as well as his travels around the country and globe. Example small plates include Skull Island Prawns & Firefly Squid featuring tempura fried, black radish, piquillo pepper aioli, and chili oil; Beetroot Tart featuring goat cheese mousse, beetroot powder; Raw Scallop with pickled watermelon rind, salmon roe, sesame grapefruit vinaigrette, chive oil, watermelon gelee, marigolds, and black salt.

Example mains include Porcelet Collar with cilantro & watercress puree, salsify, pickled mustard seed, and dehydrated carrot and Lamb Loin featuring spinach, heirloom cherry tomatoes, lamb belly croquettes, potato puree, and a demi-glace. Pamela Moxley, formerly of Miller Union and Floataway Cafe, will also accompany Chef Robbie in the kitchen serving as the Pastry Chef of Auburn Angel. Moxey is a James Beard semifinalist and has been featured in acclaimed outlets including Atlanta Magazine, Food Network Magazine, New York Times, and more. Auburn Angel will soft launch beginning Wednesday, April 3 with limited, dinner-only reservations with a Grand Opening on Friday, April 19.

Prior to the grand opening, the restaurant will host staff training, a number of private events, as well as media visits. Auburn Angel is located at 302 Auburn Ave NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30303. There will be valet parking in a secure lot offered for $6, as well as street parking and other paid parking available in nearby lots. Rideshare is also encouraged. Photos and interviews are available upon request.


About Auburn Angel: Located on Atlanta’s historic Auburn Avenue, Auburn Angel is a restaurant that offers a modern, elevated culinary experience while honoring the legacy of the area it sits on. Founded by Atlanta natives and partners Asa Fain, an Atlanta entrepreneur & licensed commercial contractor, and Robbie Pacheco, a seasoned chef with a background steeped in culinary exploration, Auburn Angel breathes new life into the Auburn Avenue thoroughfare. The 3,995-square-foot space includes a cozy yet sophisticated dining room and a covered patio, each accommodating 60 people. Curated by Executive Chef Robbie Pacheco, Auburn Angel’s dishes mirror the melting pot of cultures found in Atlanta, drawing inspiration from French, Chinese, Low Country, and Indian cuisine. For all the latest information on Auburn Angel, please visit


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