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New ranking reveals the most anxious states

  • Data from the Center for Disease Control has revealed New York is the most anxious state, with Louisiana in second place and Arkansas in third

  • According to the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated 31.1% of U.S. adults experience any anxiety disorder at some time in their lives

  • Crystal expert Brett Larkin says that some crystals can help to ease anxiety and reduce stress in your home

  • Amethyst is helpful for those struggling with stress, while Black Tourmaline is best for protection against negative energy

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated 31.1% of U.S. adults experience an anxiety disorder at some point in their life - but some states are currently reporting higher levels of stress and worrying than others, new data has revealed.

The data, analyzed by TinyRituals and provided by the Center for Disease Control, found that some states have experienced higher anxiety over the past week than others - with new York crowned the most worried state, with a score of 28.7 for reported symptoms - almost a third (30%) higher than the national average of 22.1. These increased stress levels could be for a variety of reasons, but may be due to the concerning weather conditions that the state has reported of late, or increased self-esteem issues associated with Following closely behind in second place is Louisiana, with a score 28.1, and Arkansas with an anxiety score of 26.6. Indiana ranked in fourth for the most anxious states over the last week with a score of 26.4 - having also recently been named one of the least happy states in the US. Rounding out the top five most anxious states is Massachusetts with a score of 25.9 - almost a fifth (17%) higher than the national average.

The findings also revealed that Iowa is the least anxious state, with a low score of 16.5. Following closely behind is both North Dakota (17.0) and South Dakota (17.5) as the second and third least anxious states. Regardless of how stressed people are in each state, incorporating feel-good decor into their homes can be a great way to promote a healthy and positive work environment.

Nationwide interest in crystals has risen over the last year, with Google Trends revealing that searches for anxiety-fighting crystals have increased by 350% over the last year alone. And now, according to Brett Larkin, Crystal Expert at TinyRituals, they can also help with feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious, thanks to their mood-boosting qualities.

He says: "Crystals offer a transformative remedy against stress and anxious thoughts, infusing spaces with calming energies that promote calm and serenity.

“By harnessing their unique properties, crystals offer a natural and effective way to counterbalance excessive worrying and support your overall well-being – helping you stay relaxed in your home.

The top ten crystals he recommends for your home to ease anxiety are: 1. Amethyst: Provides a calming energy and reduces stress Amethyst transforms your home into a tranquil and serene space. Its soothing energy relieves stress and fosters harmony, while its guiding light clarifies higher goals. Therefore, this crystal creates a calm, stress-free environment that enhances your productivity and well-being. Brett says: “Amethyst's ability to balance energy is perfect for dispelling any negativity within your home – perhaps caused by daily stresses in your life. Its ability to calm and cleanse the mind will help you maintain mental clarity throughout the day." 2. Smokey Quartz: Counteracts worrying and boosts positive energy Smokey quartz promotes positivity, working to alleviate stress and help you avoid burnout. This makes it the perfect addition to your home to intercept and dispel any badvibes that come your way - especially those related to lengthy to-do lists. 3. Clear Quartz: Provides a sense of clarity Clear quartz elevates any room by promoting heightened clarity and increased understanding, helping you get your head around any tricky tasks. This makes it particularly useful for those challenging days when concentration is vital. Brett says: “Clear quartz’ ability to help thoughts flow helps you understand your ambitions and aspirations better, making it easier to keep a clear head when setting and meeting goals. Try keeping clear quartz close when you start to feel out of control of your life. 4. Selenite: Reduces anxiety and provides clarity Selenite works to dissolve negativity and liberateyour mind, helping improve your judgment, boost productivity, and provide heightened awareness. This makes it the perfect companion in cozier rooms such as the living room to reduce your anxieties and encourage relaxation. 5. Black Tourmaline: Protects against negative thoughts Black tourmaline is famed for its protective properties. It works to purge toxic energy and absorb negative thoughts, ridding you of anxiety throughout the day. Brett says: “One of the great benefits of black tourmaline is it creates ashield against negative energies, helping you stay positive throughout the day. Try placing four small pieces around four corners of your home to create a protective grid from any bad vibes.” 6. Pyrite: Inspires confidence and builds emotional strength Pyrite, also known as "Fools Gold", infuses your space with an aura of protection and authenticity. This mineral shields against negativity, clears toxic thought patterns, and enhances your emotional strength, making it easier to keep focused and calm during the day. 7. Carnelian: Encourages mental clarity and improves energy Carnelian offers a dynamic boost to any room and is the ultimate cure for energy slumps. The stone encourages mental clarity, helping to revitalize your thoughts and magnify your physical energy – so if you struggle to stay energized this stone could help. Brett says: “When an afternoon slump hits, carnelian is the perfect tool to help remove fatigue and give you a new surge of energy. In the midst of difficult times, this could be your key to success, helping to boost your focus and even encourage creative thinking for solutions.” 8. Citrine: Brings luck and promotes prosperity Citrine promotes prosperity and joy as its energy releases tension, elevates self-esteem, and rekindles personal empowerment. This makes it the ideal feel-good gem for those wanting to add a touch of luck to their home and give you a positive outlook. 9. Hematite: Provides strength and boosts courage Hematite is a great stone for encouraging strength, as it helps you to overcome your fears and amplify your voice – perfect for when you need a little more courage to overcome your anxieties. It’ll alsoensure you remain calm by deflecting negative energies and preserving your equilibrium. Brett says: “Hematite is well-known for its ability to strengthen the mind and boost your strength and courage, perfect for those struggling with anxious thoughts. The stone's ability to protect against negative energy is a handy way to ensure you don't become a sponge for other people's negative andgloomy thoughts.” 10. Green Jade: Promotes calm and discourages rash decisions Green jade infuses your home with luck, whileits intuitive nature dispels negativity, empowers self-sufficiency, and boosts confidence. Like a calming breeze, jade nurtures calmness and can help you keep your cool under pressure – and avoid acting irrationally around your anxieties.


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