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Nourish Your Soul and Your Life with Daily, Prayerful Reflections

If you could do one thing each day that would enrich every moment and bring your life more meaning and clarity, would you do it?

An Encounter: A Daily Discovery in Divine Word from Father Dr. Maurice Emelu is a new, seven-volume series filled with rich, faith-based passages that can profoundly impact the way you interact with the people and the world around you. Meditative, educational and didactic, Fr. Emelu’s narrative aims to inspire readers to deepen their spiritual journeys by spending just a few moments each day in prayerful repose.

“I wrote most of these reflections before the blessed Sacrament. In the presence of the Lord, I found the serenity and peace of soul that inspired more profound, prayerful sentiments within me,” Fr. Emelu said. “I then began to dialogue with God’s words.”

Drawing upon his West African roots, Catholic spirituality as well as his many years of pastoral ministry, Fr. Emelu combines the story-telling culture of Africa with a Western worldview to offer a unique perspective on faith-life and what it means to grow closer to the Lord. He communicates his sentiments and ideas in compelling, relatable ways and applies them to today’s realities. Each passage aims to heal, inspire, teach and encourage through the power of God’s Word.

In Volume One, Fr. Emelu offers insights and Bible verses to accompany the seasons of Advent and Christmas. The next two volumes focus on messages for the seasons of Lent and Easter. The topics of future volumes will be announced soon.

An Encounter is suitable for both personal and group faith sharing — for anyone seeking a daily walk with God. It would be the perfect gift for your pastor or loved one.

“Alone with God, the soul hears words that the noisy world often silences,” he said. “Call them a boost for the day or a spiritual companion for everyday life. They are empowering words meant to accompany readers on their own journey of life as they continue to discover the gentle Word of God.”

About the Author

Father Maurice Nkem Emelu, Ph.D., is a priest of the Catholic Diocese of Orlu in Nigeria, and the founder of Gratia Vobis Ministries, Inc., a global ministry for cross-cultural Catholic evangelization and works of charity. He is an Assistant Professor of digital media and Communication at John Carroll University in the United States. The author of seven books, and over 700 blogs and professional articles, he provides robust cross-cultural educational programs through digital media. He is the host of EWTN’s The Faith with Father Maurice and the host/executive producer of Word for a Wounded World teaching series, plus numerous other television and radio works in the global Catholic network. He holds a Ph.D. from Liverpool Hope University, UK, focusing on digital storytelling, media aesthetics and theology, among other academic degrees. An encounter with the Lord when he was 14 changed him in fundamental ways, and today he describes himself as “passionately in love with God and His body, the Church.”

For more information, please visit, or follow the author on Instagram (@mauriceemelu), Twitter (@revemelu), YouTube (Fr. Maurice Emelu) or Facebook (Fr. Maurice Emelu).

An Encounter: A Daily Discovery in Divine Word, Volume One: Advent and Christmas

Release Date: September 10, 2021

Publisher: Bien LLC

ISBN-10: ‎0960109706

ISBN-13: ‎978-0960109708

Available from,, and wherever books are sold


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