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The Mingle & Jingle Holiday Bar is Back at Best End Brewing Co.

Best End is welcoming back the very FIRST & ONLY pop-up Christmas Bar in the West End of Atlanta, GA. Nestled right off the SW trail of the BeltLine in the Flamingo Room at Best End Brewing Company, 1036 White Street SW, Atlanta GA 30310. Chef & Founding Partner Cory Burke and Events Engineer Suzanne Dieter are excited to celebrate the holidays with the third installment of the Mingle & Jingle Christmas Bar. The opening is slated for Saturday, November 27th at 6:00 pm and will be open the following dates & times:

  • November 28th - December 31st, Tuesday - Sunday 12:00pm - normal closing hours (unless the elves feel like they want to keep partying).

  • With the exception of Saturday, December 25th.

Past patrons know that Mingle & Jingle is the best local Christmas Bar, not only because it is locally run, but also because Cory and Suzanne sourced many of its decorations from Atlanta stores, such as Last Chance Thrift Store in Decatur and the United Way, and also answered many local social media marketplace ads for unused decor, lights, and ornaments!

From Christmas tchotchkes to a life-size hugging bear, to miles of tinsel garland, to an Instagram-worthy Bow Wall and Giant Wreath, you’ll find all the Christmas feels to make the holiday season a little less stressful. Upon entering Mingle & Jingle, the first thing you’ll notice is Suzanne’s obvious love of all things sparkly and shiny. Curling ribbon glistens and tumbles off the light fixtures over the bar and miles of tinsel garland are woven through the rafters to create an intimate holiday setting out of a spacious room. The mid-century modern glassware sparkles on the decorated shelves behind the bar looks fantastic in a photo taken in front of the large bow wall or wreath.

Take out your advent calendars now and get ready to enjoy the holiday magic with Best End.


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