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What 10 states are obsessed with the lottery?

What 10 states are obsessed with the lottery?
What 10 states are obsessed with the lottery?

  • Massachusetts has a monthly search volume per 100k of 24,510 for lottery-related terms.

  • Rhode Island is close behind with 24,276 monthly search volume per 100k for lottery-related terms.

  • Iowa is the least lottery-obsessed state, with a monthly search volume per 100k of 17,137 for terms relating to the lottery.

Lotteries are widespread across the U.S. Whether a workplace takes part as a syndicate or tickets are bought individually, the thought of winning millions captures the imagination.

Casino sweepstakes comparison experts at have compiled a list of how many times people in each state search for more than 140 terms, including every major national lottery as well as lottery-related phrases like “what are the chances of winning the lottery” and “where to buy lottery tickets near me.”

Massachusetts ranks first, with an average monthly search volume per 100,000 of 24,510. The Massachusetts State Lottery has existed since 1972 and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2022. People in Massachusetts can play any of the games exclusive to the state lottery or participate in multi-state games such as Powerball or Mega Millions. The Powerball lottery was the most searched in Massachusetts, with an average of 4,108 searches per 100,000 each month. A resident of Massachusetts won the eighth largest lottery jackpot in the U.S. with a Powerball win of $758.7 million.

Rhode Island comes next with an average of24,276 monthly searches per 100,00. A winning ticket for $336.4 million was purchased in 2012 for the Powerball draw and was the largest lottery win in the state. The state lottery, known as ‘The Lot’, was introduced in 1974 after a series of banned and unbanned games throughout the colonial period and early 19th century. Rhode Island’s most searched lottery is the Powerball, with 4,095 average searches per 100,000 each month.

New Hampshire is third on the list, with 21,813 average monthly searches per 100,000. The state boasts the third-oldest lottery in the U.S. and is a member of the Multi-State Lottery Association and the Tri-State Lottery with Maine and Vermont. In 2018, the winner of a $559.7 million jackpot sued to remain anonymous and won. With an average search volume per 100,000 of 3,639 monthly, the Powerball is New Hampshire’s most searched lottery.

Delaware ranks fourth with an average search volume of 21,680 per month per 100,000. The state lottery has contributed $6 billion to Delaware’s General Fund, which is used for various public services within the state and operates video lotteries at three racetrack casinos, including Delaware Park. The largest win was claimed in 2016 by a resident of Selbyville with a ticket value of $121.6 million. Delaware’s most searched lottery is the Powerball, with 4,103 average monthly searches per 100,000 compared with 4,076 average searches for the Mega Millions lottery each month.

In fifth is Wisconsin, with 21,530 average monthly searches per 100,000. Prior to 1988, when the state lottery began, lottery tickets were sold by the Oneida Nation at their reservation. In 2019, a jackpot of $768.4 million was claimed by a 24-year-old resident, the sixth highest in the U.S. The Mega Millions lottery is the most searched in Wisconsin, with an average of 3,893 searches per 100,000 each month.

Maryland ranks sixth on the list with 19,171 average monthly searches per 100,000. According to the Maryland State Lottery website, players have won over $31.5 billion since it was established in 1973, including a jackpot win of $731.1 million in 2021. Maryland’s most searched lottery is the Mega Millions, with 3,663 average monthly searches per 100,000.

In seventh is South Carolina, with an average monthly search volume of 19,046 per 100,000. The state lottery’s mission is to raise funds for education programs such as scholarships within South Carolina. In 2018, a jackpot win of $1.53 billion was won, the third-highest amount in the U.S. The Powerball lottery is the most searched-for in South Carolina, with 3,731 average monthly searches per 100,000.

West Virginia, Nebraska, and Iowa are rounding out the list, with 18,763, 17,560, and 17,137 average monthly searches per 100,000, respectively.

A spokesperson for commented on the findings:

“Lotteries and sweepstakes have been popular throughout history, particularly across the U.S. Unlike other countries, each state has its own lottery, while also allowing players to also participate in multi-state games.

“The largest jackpot won on a single ticket was $2.04 billion from a California player in 2022. Despite U.S. lottery winnings being taxable income, this is still life-changing. Winnings such as this draw people to play the lottery and the opportunity to support state services more directly.”

Source: Google Keyword Planner

Methodology: Using lottery / template combinations, monthly Google keywords search volumes averaged over the past 12 months were found for each state in the U.S. The search volumes were then aggregated by state and the most lottery obsessed states were determined.


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