ABC and Mattel are discovering the next great toy inventor on an all-new competition show! Tune in to The Toy Box season 2 Sundays at 7 PM!

Selected contestants will have the chance to compete to have their toy made and brought to market by one of the world's greatest toy companies! MysticArt Pictures has concluded accepting applications for season 2, but will continue accepting submissions in anticipation of future seasons. Click Here to Apply to complete your application and release for Toy Box!

Please answer all questions honestly and accurately to the best of your ability. The talent team will be unable to review any submissions without complete applications and releases.

Once your application and releases are complete, submit photos of your toy prototypes, sketches, and any relevant media to toyboxcast@gmail.com. We are unable to review any photos or media until applicants have completed applications and releases.

Please be advised that you must meet the following eligibility requirements, which may be changed at any time by Hudson and Sunset Media, LLC (collectively, “Producer”) in its sole discretion, in order to be considered to participate in the television project entitled “The Toy Box” (the “Program”):

  • Inventors must be at least 18 years of age(or the age of majority in your state of domicile, if older).

  • Inventors must be a legal resident of the US.

  • You must have completed and signed the submissions agreement (“Submissions Agreement”) with respect to the originally created toy/toy idea which you are submitting to Producer for consideration (“Submission” as defined in the Submissions Agreement or “Submission”) in connection with this Participant Application for the Program.

  • Your Submission must exist in tangible form, such as a three-dimensional prototype.

  • Inventors must be available for shooting for approximately 2-3 days; dates TBD.

  • You may not have been convicted of a felony.

  • You must voluntarily submit to a background check (if requested).

  • You must not be a candidate for public office and must agree not to become one until at least one (1) year after the initial exhibition of the final episode of the Program in which you appear.

  • Neither you, nor any of your immediate family members (spouse, ex-spouse, parents, siblings, children) or members of your household (whether related or not) may currently be, or have been within the past one (1) year, an employee, officer or director of Producer, Electus, LLC (“Electus”), Mattel, Inc. (“Mattel”) (sometimes collectively referred to herein as the “Producer Parties”), American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. (“Network”), any television station owned or operated by Network, any station initially airing the Program, any person or entity involved in the production, exhibition or other exploitation of the Program, any person or entity supplying services to the Program, known major sponsors of the Program, or any of the foregoing entities’ respective parent, subsidiary, related or affiliated companies (including, without limitation, The Walt Disney Company).

  • Neither you, nor any of your immediate family members (spouse, ex-spouse, parents, siblings, children) or members of your household (whether related or not) may currently be, or have been during any time at which you designed, developed or otherwise worked on the Submission, an employee, officer or director of Mattel or any design, manufacturer, or distributor of toys or games.

All eligibility determinations shall be made solely by Producer in its sole discretion and are final and binding in all respects. Producer reserves the right to add to or modify the eligibility requirements at any time. In addition, Producer has the sole discretion to any time render ineligible any person who, in Producer’s sole discretion, is sufficiently acquainted with any person or entity connected with the production, administration, judging or exhibition of the Program such that his or her participation in the Program could create the appearance of impropriety.

Please contact the Toy Box team at 323.425.9539 if you have any questions.

Click Here to Apply.

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