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Useful Tips For Your Summer Road Trip

Useful tip for your summer road trip

Summertime is synonymous with more than just hot weather, bikini-clad bodies, backyard barbeques, and long days which conclude with the explosion of fireworks or at the local ice cream parlor. When the summer season arrives many families, friends, couples, neighbors, and individuals creep out from their pseudo-winter hibernation hiding places and make plans to explore the world around them. Travel plans quickly fill up day planners, and people begin dreaming of the possibility of impending journeys and where the road might take them. Regardless of whether you travel by land, air, or sea, capitalizing on these summer trips requires some degree planning and an adventurous season.

Here is a list of six tips to help you make the most of a road trip this summer:

1. Determine your priorities and pick a destination. Before you grab the steering wheel and drive off into the sunset, sit down and write a list of your summer road trip priorities. Do you like to stop and eat at every dive bar or street side diner? Do you want to drive lazily with the windows rolled down and take in historical sites? Or, do you desire to get from Point A to Point B quickly, giving you ample time to enjoy your final destination? Whatever your objectives may be, by defining them you are better equipped to choose the optimum destination.

2. Do your research. When you are ready to hit the winding, open road and relax as the scenery flashes by out your car window, you will want to have your ducks in a row. Make sure to do some digging ahead of time, so you know convenient places to stop for a rest, desirable locations to eat or sleep, and landmarks to visit as you drive. A phone app like GasBuddy is helpful when you are in a pinch. If you have children in tow, you may need to stop at a playground, changing table, or kid-friendly restaurant to please the tiny passengers.

The possibilities are endless; Route 61, traveling cross-country, or just exploring the nooks and crannies of your state this summer, there is always a new place to explore.

3. Figure out the budget. Take into consideration all aspects of your trip when you decide on a reasonable budget. Travel expenses include gas, food and beverages, lodging, novelty purchases, and costs of excursions, museum visits, admission to a show, and tickets to a game to name a few. Devise a way to tabulate your total expenditures along the way, so you always know how much remains in your discretionary fund, never running the risk of overspending.

4. Pack accordingly. Packing space in a vehicle can be slim, it is imperative you pack conservatively. Overpacking can lead to overcrowding in the car, and you are less likely to get comfortable and enjoy the ride. Only take what is necessary and try to leave some room so you can collect souvenirs along your journey. Cartop storage is one way to add more storage space, or you can ship packages to or from your final destination.

5. Be flexible. When traveling, you never know what unexpected obstacles will cause you to veer off your planned route. It is best to be prepared for the unexpected and plan on being nimble and flexible along the way. Having the proper mindset before the trip will eliminate unnecessary anxiety and gives you the opportunity to unwind and enjoy every passing mile marker.

6.Have the car inspected and maintained. Your vehicle needs to be in tip-top condition before leaving your driveway. In addition to your car, truck, or van’s routine maintenance, it is wise to stop by and see a trusted mechanic for a tune-up and inspection before departing. The car-care professional will make sure your vehicle has all the proper fluid levels, oil, tire pressure, and ensure all the mechanical mechanisms are functioning safely and efficiently.

Being adequately prepared before you put the keys in the ignition should help your journey go smoothly, and you are likely to experience fewer hiccups. Having a reliable, trustworthy mechanic in your corner, is half the battle. D.W. Campbell Tire & Service is a family-owned and operated automotive repair shop located in Kennesaw, Georgia. They are trained to get your vehicle in its optimum condition so you can fulfill your summer road-trip plans. Open since 1985, D.W. Campbell Tire & Service has over 30 years of experience servicing and maintaining their client's vehicles. With D.W. Campbell Tire & Service on your side, you never have to worry about a mechanic taking advantage of you. The friendly and professional staff is full of ASE-certified technicians trained to give customers honest and straightforward feedback. They have built an infallible reputation for honesty and integrity which is evident by their glowing customer reviews.

Useful tips for your summer road trip

From the front fender to the bumper, D.W. Campbell Tire & Service, are experts in everything involving the mechanic and performance of your vehicle. They will ensure everything is running smoothly for your next car ride. If you need a friendly and reliable mechanic or new tires, you can browse their online tire catalog, request a quote, and schedule an appointment from their website,

Crossing off destinations on a bucket list is thrilling so get in the car and drive! Whether you travel near or far, hitting the road in a well-tuned vehicle will afford you the chance to take in the beautiful sites and sounds of this sprawling country. Discover the amber waves of grain and the purple mountains majesty all the way from sea to shining sea.

Where will your next adventure take you?

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