REVIEW: Caliloko Oceanside Compression Tights

From yoga to kickboxing, I keep an active lifestyle. And through the years I've gone through my share of workout leggings. Some have lasted years while others only a few months. Maybe the makers of those pants didn't put much thought into longevity. Then I heard about Caliloko compression tights.

My first thought was what are compression tights? This gear is engineered to increase blood circulation around muscles, reduce risk of injury and aid your fitness performance. This all sounded really good. But would it work for me? I have worn restrictive workout clothes before but they usually resulted in me getting a bad headache.

I decided to try a pair of the Oceanside Recovery Compression Long Tights. When I pulled them out of the package I got a little nervous. They were a lot smaller than what I had anticipated. There was no turning back now. I followed the instructions and put them on as I would pantyhose. They fit. And they were not cutting off my circulation.

The moment of truth would occur in kickboxing class. My body felt secure wearing them. But would the tights restrict my muscles? After my first round-house kick, I realized that I wasn't jiggling. These tights fully supported my muscles from multiple angles. I have tried so many fitness brands throughout the years. None of them have ever reinforced my muscles like this.

After class I changed my clothes and went on with my day. I wasn't sore at all. I almost forgot I had class early in the morning. My muscles are usually stressed after a workout. That was not the case today.

I have spent BIG money on the fancy name brands in department stores. Those leggings last a few months before they begin to fall apart. Caliloko Tights are no joke! I have washed them and let them air dry. It's like they're brand new. I have been wearing them to my yoga class as well. The only regret I have is that I didn't find out about them sooner.

If you're seeking workout attire that will help you achieve your best performance and will stand the test of time Caliloko is for you. Visit for more info. Why? Because Ash Said It!


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