RECAP: Ash Said It Explores Momocon 2018

Ash Said It at Momocon 2018

MomoCon is an Atlanta tradition that I have grown to love. I can remember when my sister Ro introduced me to this world. It started off as convention on the campus of Georgia Tech. I fondly recall cosplayers in their detailed attire. The outfits were so unique. To witness how this annual event had blossomed is truly marvelous.

It has been quite some time since I've been. So much has changed. From what I hear, their move to the Georgia World Congress Center was much needed. This venue was fully occupied by the 4-day event. From screening rooms to panels, there was something going on by the hour.

The MomoCon career fair kicked things off on Thursday. People with interest in the gaming, animation and the media world had the opportunity to meet industry leaders. More importantly, they got to connect with them about possible jobs. Some people were even interviewed on the spot. Many companies such as Sprockett Creative, Kontrol Freek and even Turner were all present.

As media, I got some exclusive perks this year. I had the opportunity to attend several press conferences. Two of which were my all-time favorites. Carey Means played Frylock on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He opened up to us about his inspiration to pursue voice acting. He also had a lot of inspirational words for anyone looking to start a career in this industry. CLICK HERE for some of that footage.

Kimberly Brooks brought the truth! She was honest and I respect that. I asked her about the challenges that she faced while transitioning from theatre to voiceover. Her answer may shock many but I completely relate. CLICK HERE for her response.

The Gaming Hall was absolutely incredible. I have never seen a gaming experience like this before. There was an area for board games, video games, PC console games, an indie game showcase and so much more. There was no way for me to keep up with all the activities on the floor. This space was awesome because it gave people enough room to move around unrestricted.

And then there was the Dealer's Room. This is every attendees' dream area. Paraphernalia from popular anime, manga and some fan art can be found here. I was impressed with the Fandom Replica cars. There was a Ghostbusters car, Jurassic Park and even a retro Bat Mobile. The designs were outstanding.

Out of all the conventions that I attend, this one is one of my favorites. Guests were respectful of one another, there were no fights and everything was kid friendly. There were tons of parents cosplaying with their children and that warmed my heart. There is still so much good in this world. MomoCon is proof.

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Photos Courtesy of Ash Said it LLC


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