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Most of you will agree that summer 2018 has been pretty eventful. With so many things taking place in such a little span of time, it’s only normal to have our virtual memories overstuffed with photos from all of the events and adventures we’ve been a part of. offers a way to keep these memories alive and well for days to follow, all while keeping things as low-priced and as premium quality as it gets!

A Beach in Your Hand’s Reach?

Heavenly blue waves, impossibly white sand, and complete leisure- for each of us, the beach means something entirely different. And yet, it’s clear that we all love the place. Unfortunately, we cannot be there at all times. To compensate for the lack of fresh air and inspiring sceneries, make sure to have your beach photo as a canvas print! With HP latex inks, pin-sharp resolution, and picture-perfect hues you’ll be virtually transported to the place! All of this starting from only $9! It rarely gets better than this.

Music Festival Photo Collage

Have you ever thought you could print 5 of your favorite photos for a mere $98? recently made this idea entirely feasible with their photo wall display section! By now, summer is pretty much unimaginable without music festivals. The three-day celebration of music and freedom often produces a lot of amazing photos, so it only makes sense to have the best of them assembled in a photo wall display. To help you with this, offers a special section that provides a variety of layout options, all of which are made to fit various interiors and types of photos. This is not to mention the massive discount you get once you order the set!

A Bit of Sun in Your Pocket

Naturally, the great weather means more time spent outside. This is a great chance to showcase your personality via colorful accessories. offers a great variety of exciting photo items ready to bear the photo of your choice! With an option to create a custom photo phone case, you’re sure to become the most cutting-edge member of your group. For a mere $16, you get a phone case that both protects and visually enhances your device. Cases are available for most of the current cell phone models on the market!

Have a particular photo already on your mind? Hurry up and enter the promotional code ASHSAIDIT to get your 8’’x8’’ canvas print for only $9 and another 8’’x8’’ canvas print for FREE! is a printing service that produces and distributes photo wall decor and lifestyle accessories. With competitive prices, a simple uploading process, and quick deliveries, the web store has already earned the public’s admiration! Click Here to see what it’s all about!

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