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Pokemon Go Players To Gather In Atlanta For Tempest Cup

Pokemon Go Players To Gather In Atlanta For Tempest Cup

Pokemon Go players will meet on the greenspace of Robert Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta, Georgia on March 16, 2019 to compete for the Tempest Cup. The free event is sponsored by non-profit support organization, and organized by the J-League Champions and Atlanta Pogo Raids. Organizers expect over one hundred players to meet for the tournament, trading and to making traveling friends. The park opens for the event at 12:00 noon and lasts until dusk.

"We wanted to do something to get Pokemon Go players in the local area to come out to the park with their families and pets", says Lisa "L" Johnverrell, the event organizer and commissioner of the J-League Champions.

The event will be held in Woodruff Park, which is in the center of downtown near the campus of Georgia State University. The organizers will have areas for trading and friend networking for players in the three teams, Valor, Mystic and Instinct. Patrons are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or blankets to camp on the greenspace and to bring picnic baskets or lunch. Several restaurants in the area have agreed to have specials for players during the event.

"We are hoping for great weather that day and think that the players will enjoy being in a large outside gathering. Most of the events are currently in local bars and comic book shops. Those environments are fun, but you can't bring children or pets to them. This will be a day that everyone can come out and play Pokemon Go and be with their love ones too."

Pokemon Go players will also reap the benefits of several pokestops in the park and the fountain gym which has been a site for many group raid battles. There is also the option of jumping on the Atlanta Streetcar, which runs right through the park and Georgia State University campuses. The streetcar gives access to several other gyms and over 40 pokestops and is great for hatching eggs. The streetcar will bring patrons right back to the park within 15-20 minute intervals.

The event will be hosted by local Youtuber, M.C. Spyder who will make sure everyone in the park is entertained. Spyder will also update the online gaming community on the tournament standings via livestream.

"I'm really excited to host the Pokemon Go tournament", says the young artist from Portland who represents Team Mystic. "I'm not sure if I'm going to be competing yet, but will definitely be making friends."

The main event of the Pokemon Go day in Woodruff Park is the player vs player (PvP) tournament. The tournament is "swiss-style", meaning that players will not be eliminated but will play each other, earning points each round. The player with the most points will win the Tempest Cup, a 9" gold, black, brown and white cup representing the elements of the Pokemon eligible for this event. Registration is open online and preferred. Park registration starts at 12:00 noon and the tournament begins at 2:00pm EST.

Players are only allowed to use electric, flying, ice or ground Pokemon for the Tempest Cup, which is accredited and sanctioned by the rules of the Silph Arena. Players that want to compete in the tournament are encourage to pre-register on the official tournament page.

"There are several advantages to pre-registering", Johnverrel says, "You will be guaranteed a slot in the tournament as we are still unsure as how many people will show up on the day of the event. Plus, you will be able to choose your team and see any opponents teams."

The event is sponsored by charity driven, pay it forward crowdfunding platform, who provided the Tempest Cup and giveaway prizes to be won by the top 10 finishers.

Atlanta Pogo Raids (Pokemon Go Atlanta) is in partnership with the J-League Champions for the event and boasts the largest Pokemon Go community in the city on its Discord and Facebook group.

The event also has a sponsorship package for businesses that want to give away free samples or promotional items to the event patrons. The event organizers can be contacted directly for sponsorships using the media contact listed.

Official Event Page:


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