BootySprout Brings High Resistance Glute Training into Homes for the Holidays

BootySprout Brings High Resistance Glute Training into Homes for the Holidays

Get Behind The New Fitness Machine That’s Weighted in Ingenuity and Safety

The reviews are in! New to market lifestyle and fitness brand BootySprout, ( is going viral with their at-home high resistance glute training device. Lightweight and durable with a foldable design, the at-home fitness machine is exceptionally easy to set up and use, without sacrificing high resistance. Priced at $164.00, it hits home as the perfect holiday gift for that backside obsessed friend or loved one. The weighted hip thrust exercise is one of the best glute workouts, and heavyweight is required to see real booty building results. Bootysprout allows people to easily and safely perform weighted hip thrusts in the comfort of their homes.

“With BootySprout, we set out to create a highly effective, easy to use fitness machine that also achieved a beautiful aesthetic and an affordable price” states BootySprout creator and CEO Michael Ballestero. “Fitness trainers hear daily that their clients want to lose weight without losing their booty, or request exercises that will strengthen and tone their backside. The hip thrust is a very fun exercise that is also super effective, but it’s difficult and awkward to set up and perform with high weight. BootySprout allows people at any stage of their fitness journey to easily and safely perform high resistance hip thrusts. The results from weight training your booty are amazing.”

The device isolates the three main gluteal muscles, making it a great complement to lifting, running, swimming, yoga, pilates, or sitting on the couch. Weighted hip thrusts isolate the glutes without compressing your spine, making them a top booty workout that almost everyone can perform. The glutes are the largest muscle in your body and require very heavy resistance to see results. BootySprout was designed and engineered in California by Michael Ballestero and is patent-pending. It has been on the market for a year and receiving rave reviews. also provides recommended 15-minute workouts to get you started with your new at-home fitness system and make sure to check their Instagram @bootysprout for new content.

BootySprout is designed with several goals in mind:

• Effectiveness: To effectively work out your glutes, very high resistance is required. BootySprout comes with interchangeable resistance bands including 45lbs, 90lbs, and 135lbs. The company also sells extra 70lb bands for those that are interested in some seriously heavy at-home weight training. It is safe up to 450lbs of resistance.

• Ease of Use: Barbell weighted hip thrusts require significant setup time, both before and between sets. They also generally require being in the gym if you want to go much higher in weight. A BootySprout workout takes 10-15 minutes. Simply open, strap in, and thrust!

• Collapsible: BootySprout can fit into even the tiniest of apartments. It weighs 22 pounds and easily folds up to 2 feet 1-inch x 2.5 feet x 7 inches. It can be stored flat under most beds or stood up in the closet.

• Safety: Significant weight is required to effectively grow and tone the glutes. Moving around 90+ lbs at a gym is difficult to manage, and placing heavy dumbbells on your lap is dangerous. Resistance bands are a much safer method to hip thrust with high weight. The device's high resistance bands easily clip into the BootySprout, and they are covered in nylon for extra safety.

• Affordability: The company wanted to make BootySprout available to everyone, providing a superior fitness product for under $200.

• Durability: BootySprout is designed to last 20+ years. It is constructed out of powder-coated cold-rolled steel, an industrial-strength hinge, custom high-density NBR foam, custom high-quality resistance bands that have successfully fatigue tested 500,000 cycles, and a 0.75-inch thick wooden board.

• Fun: An added benefit of BootySprout, and hip thrusts in general, is that they are fun. The motion is easy to perform, and you will continually find yourself wanting to get in a couple more sets.


BootySprout was designed and engineered in California by Michael Ballestero, and is currently patent-pending. Michael has a B.S. in Bioengineering from UCSD, and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA. Jin Zhu, the lead engineer for a medical device company and Duke Bioengineering graduate, serves as BootySprout's technical advisor and provides valuable expertise in design for manufacturing and best practices. For more information visit

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