Check Out Stephanie Charles in Tyler Perry's New Original Series RUTHLESS on BET Plus

We introduce you to the beautiful and talented Stephanie Charles from Tyler Perry’s and BET+ new series, RUTHLESS. Stephanie plays one of the lead characters, “Sarah,” a very vulnerable, yet strong woman. She is the wife of “Andrew,” (Blue Kimble) and FBI agent that went undercover to investigate an extremist cult. “Sarah” (Stephanie Charles) gets a little suspicious and worried since her husband has not checked in with her since he went undercover. As time continues to go by, “Sarah” starts to take matters in her own hands and as the series goes on you will see “Sarah” do things to save her marriage and her family while discovering many mysterious situations that leave the audience in “ah!.” Tyler Perry’s Ruthless is a one-hour riveting story of a young woman who becomes entangled into a scandalous cult of powerful sex-crazed fanatics. Who must not play along with until she can find a way to free herself for her young daughter. Starring not only Stephanie Charles, but along side, Melissa L. Williams (“Tyler Perry’s The Oval”), Matt Cedeño, (“Power”), Lenny Thomas (“The Blacklist”) and many others. Set to air March 19th, will be the first 24-episode one-hour drama and will be available to stream with new episodes launching every Thursday. This is the first new original series from TYLER PERRY to stream on BET+, a joint venture between BET Networks and Tyler Perry Studios. You many also recognize Stephanie Charles from the comedic series, The Paynes, by Tyler Perry and the OWN Network. Stephanie played one of the daughters to “Curtis” and “Ella,” an early to mid 20’s woman, who is beautiful, intelligent and outgoing , but is a very naive single mother. “Nyla," who volunteers at her church and after school programs, she is trapped into an abusive relationship, but finds solace in her church and is more interested in helping others and helping herself. Stephanie was born in Boston, Massachusetts to Haitian parents. When she was 2 years old she moved to Haiti to live with her grandmother. In Haiti she learned how to speak both English and Haitian Creole.

She then moved to Los Angeles when she was 7 years old and grew up in the LA area. From a young age, Stephanie loved performing arts and excelled at singing, acting and dance. She really got the acting bug when she was 12 years old and would perform scenes from movies with her little brother for her family and anyone who would watch. When she was 16 she booked her first professional acting jobs, a commercial for JC Penny and Churches Chicken. Soon after that she booked her first role on a TV show, City Guys. After that she never turned back and knew acting is what she loved and wanted to do. Stephanie’s love for music and singing also became very prevalent in her life in her later teens and early 20’s. In 2007, Stephanie put acting on hold and moved to New York City for music. She formed an R&B/Hip Hop girl group called MRZ. Smith and they were signed to the Universal/Motown label. They were in New York for about two years and then the label moved them to Atlanta for another year and a half. After the group broke up, Stephanie moved back to Los Angeles to fully pursue acting full time. Since her move back to LA, Stephanie has been working consistently in television, film and digital projects. Some of her recent highlights include roles on Hometown Hero, NCIS, Instant Mom, The Start Up, Adulterers, Bones and many more. Some of Stephanie’s artistic influences include Regina Hall, Angelina Jolie, Jada Pinnkett-Smith, Beyonce, Brandy, Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson.When Stephanie has free time, she enjoys bike rides at the beach, dancing and singing at local venues.

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Check Out Stephanie Charles in Tyler Perry's New Original Series RUTHLESS on BET Plus

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