EyeDareYou.Co = Next Level

When Eye Dare You reached out & asked me to be their brand ambassador, I had no idea that anyone was watching me! It's been 5 years since I've been in media & didn't really think anyone would notice my re-entry. They sure did! I checked out the www.EyeDareYou.co IMMEDIATELY & was completely blown away. I'd never seen such jazzy stylish futuristic shades in my life. I made my selection & awaited their arrival. My top 3 were the Cleo, the Clara & the Carmen. Upon their arrival I could tell that the craftsmanship was top shelf. All three were remarkably sturdy. I've worn glasses since age 7 & I've never seen any like this. I've never owned eyewear this durable. I'm no rock climber but each pair was built to last a while. This company is making strides in the right direction. Creating a product that will stand the test of time is the most important move. Unlike their cheap counterparts, these shades are thick, chic and above all else protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. For the past few weeks I've been steadily rocking my #Cleo frames. These frames are unlike any sunglasses that I've ever owned. They're upscale & send the message that you can't find these in department stores! I'm still so impressed at how well crafted they are. I'm used to going through frames every couple of months. I can tell that my trendy new Eye Dare You Eyewear will last a long while. Look out for my review on the other 2 frames soon.

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