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FitMetrix CEO Monica Dioda

From stay at home mom to CEO of FitMetrix, Monica Dioda created her own niche. She details inspiration from her mother at an early age, adapting to life in Atlanta and filling a void in the fitness industry. She shows no signs of slowing down! Check her story below:


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About Monica Dioda:

Monica Dioda is the co-founder and CEO of FitMetrix, which provides state of the art technology to gyms and health clubs to give members the ability to schedule, train and receive real-time tracking of effort and performance through a facility’s website or through a customizable app. FitMetrix has partnered with hundreds of health clubs across the world, including Life Time Fitness, Gold’s Gym, Cycle Bar, Cooper Institute, US Fitness and more.

Born and raised in Padua, Italy, Monica pursued a career in practicing law. She received her law degree from the University of Ferara in Italy, and in 1996 she moved to Atlanta to pursue a second law degree from Georgia State University. She worked for many years at national law firm, Jones Day, on the mergers and acquisitions team before devoting her time to raising her two sons.

As she was researching the longtime passion of hers of opening a cycle studio, Monica found there was a large technology gap in the fitness industry. She decided to switch gears and co-founded FitMetrix in 2013 to fill that gap by creating a leading member engagement platform for the fitness industry.

Monica has served on the board for the High Museum, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, as well as the south east chapter of UNICEF. Monica is also currently a member of WIT (Women in Technology).

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