Ash Said It Visits The Buckhead Diner

Ash Said It visits The Buckhead Diner

So I finally made it to The Buckhead Diner this weekend. I gathered a group of friends and we met there. Over 30 years of history stands at this Atlanta landmark. From the neon lights of the exterior, the celebrity photo wall in the lobby and the nostalgic light fixtures on the ceilings we had entered another universe.

Our server was Amanda and she was outstanding. She sat us immediately and wasn't shy about sharing the daily specials. We decided to try out a few of the famed appetizers. I'm not a fan of deviled eggs in the least. But their take on that classic was epic! The flavors blended so well. There wasn't too much mustard either. That is usually the thing to turn me off to this dish.

Mac & cheese tots were served with a tangy truffle blue cheese sauce. It was wonderful! I love Mac & Cheese anyways but this was a unique spin on an iconic favorite . I also love the fact that it was lightly breaded. It wasn't heavy and was just light enough.

The shrimp spring rolls were absolutely fresh out the grease. They were garnished in lettuce leaves and sesame/chili dipping sauce. The shrimp were plump and cooked to perfection. It was as if they were just caught, cleaned, rolled and lightly fried. This was the best spring roll EVER!

While waiting on our main course, we tried a few adult beverages. I'm not big on Vodka but the "Georgia Smash" soon changed that. This cocktail is bursting with flavor. I like sweet drinks so this one was perfect. The combination of strawberries, fresh basil, honey, lemon juice and double cross vodka is a magical symphony in a glass. If you like fruity drinks, this one is for you.

For some reason, the Maple Bourbon Milkshake was calling my name. I haven't had a spiked milkshake in years. It sounded delicious. And it was! It was velvety goodness in a straw. Who knew ASW Fiddler Bourbon, maple syrup and vanilla ice cream would be such a delight. This is mandatory the next time I visit.

When my beer battered fish and chips arrived, it was a game changer. The breading was crisp and the fish itself was moist. It was absolutely delectable. The fries were seasoned just right too. I didn't even need ketchup. I was so stuffed. But it didn't end there.

As full as I was I had to embark on one last quest. The Creme Fraiche Coffee Cake had my name written all over it. After some time of letting our food settle, we decided to order the strawberry shortcake sundae as well as the coffee cake.

I expected a petite slice a cake accompanied by a handsome helping of ice cream. That's not what happened. They brought out a cake mountain with a hearty side of cinnamon ice cream garnished in caramel sauce. I could not believe it! Apparently they have a mold specific for this cake and they bake them fresh to order. I've never had a dessert baked fresh to order for me in this fashion. It tasted even better than it looked. The texture was fluffy and it went down smooth. This is the official cake of 'Ash Said It'! I want this cake for birthdays, New Years, weekends and everything in between.

Congratulations to The Bulkhead Diner on celebrating over 30 years in business. Kudos to all the staff, management and the executive chef. After my very first visit here, I can understand why you're still around. Many businesses come and go because they don't fully create an experience for customers. I had a phenomenal time at your establishment and I cannot wait to visit in the future. #ashsaidit

Photos Courtesy of Ash Said It LLC:

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