OWN Boudoir Wants You To OWN Your Beautiful

Founder & Lead photographer of Own Boudoir talks about her childhood aspirations, what she spent her student loans on and the most rewarding part of her business. This was the most fun I've had on a interview with a local ATL-ien! She's also a native New Yorker (like me) so Sarah is always cool in my book. Enjoy this fun show below!

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About OWN Boudoir:

OWN is a boudoir studio located in Atlanta, Georgia. A boudoir session with OWN will help each woman discover and show her OWN beauty.

From the founder:

Years in the making. That's what this has been. It's not that I've been slaving a way for years at this 'set in stone' idea, it's that for years I have been shooting with the idea that I wanted to create something of my own. I think that I have in a way been slaving for years without knowing it.

My first boudoir session was amazing.

Notice I didn't say that the images were amazing, I said the session was amazing. Luckily I wasn't the lead photog during the shoot so my images didn't matter. However, images aside, the session was amazing.

For me it was like that first time you try on a pair of designer shoes and you think to yourself 'Holy shit... these were MADE for me'. That's how I feel about boudoir. That first session opened my eyes to the idea that I could photograph women in the way that I wanted. I could photograph them in a way that was their own. Their own sensuality and beauty could actually be captured on camera. My hope was that I'd be lucky enough for them to choose me to make it happen.

I've photographed hundreds of women. Hundreds. Want to hear a funny story about why I've photographed so many? Call me. I'll make you laugh. Though I've photographed hundreds of women, I probably haven't photographed you. I know this because right now you're still reading this, and if we've worked together then there is no reason for you to still be on this page. I would have told you everything during your session as we got to know each other. Since I haven't photographed you, I have a reason to still work ridiculously hard. Every. Single. Day.

I'll work hard until you fall in love with my work enough to let me photograph you in a way that makes you fall in love with yourself.

If you are already engaged in a passionate love affair with yourself then I congratulate you and challenge you to celebrate that. We can have some wine, or we can have a photo session. I like both.

I say all of this to say that I am so excited about what is ahead of me. I'd like to introduce you to OWN, a boudoir studio. It's my boudoir studio.

The boudoir I shoot is for the woman who is only interested in who she is. She is her own person, and her own beauty. I love Victoria's Secret as much as the next gal, and I'm pretty guilty of pinning various workout plans on Pinterest. Those sites are great for the occasional 'undies stock-up' and healthier versions of Mac N' Cheese, but they aren't great for forming opinions about sexiness and beauty. You are beautiful as you are. Yeah, I said it... and I haven't even met you. I can show you how beautiful you are, and I will bring out that sexiness that 'doesn't exist'. It does. You will OWN your session. You will be your OWN. You aren't generic, and you aren't a semi-annual sale. OWN isn't about reducing the amount of butter to make you loose a quarter inch. OWN isn't about reducing anything. OWN is about throwing in all of the goodies, building and strengthening what you already have.

So give me a call. Shoot me an email. Stalk me at Starbucks (if you do this then I'm assuming my drink is on you). Either way, let's talk. Stop listening to everyone else, let's have our OWN conversation.

About the show:

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