REVIEW: The Cube Tracker

Cube Tracker Great Gift for Mother's Day

Anyone that knows me says that I am constantly on the go. They are 100% correct. I have a lot going on every single day. With my life in a worldwind, I lose things easily. Handbags, keys and yes even my most prized possession. My phone. I was overjoyed to find a device to help me keep track of things.

The Cube Tracker is a lifesaver. I cannot say how many times I have lost my phone somewhere. Now with the Cube Tracker, I no longer have that issue. All I had to do was install the app, pair the cube with my phone and I was done. It took less than 5 minutes.

I placed my phone in the kitchen and then walked into the hallway with the cube. I pressed the button on the cube twice and my phone began to ring. This will save the day for moms too. If you're juggling multiple kids, work and home you need this Cube Tracker in your life! The best part is you can sync multiple items. You can track your keys, purse and phone on the app as well.

For the mom that has just about everything that her heart could desire, this is the perfect Mother's Day Gift! Surprise mom with the groundbreaking bluetooth technology of the Cube Tracker. For more on this extraordinary invention click here. #ashsaidit

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