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The Hollywood Beauty Routine That Nobody Talks About

The Hollywood Beauty Routine That Nobody Talks About

For years people have been awed by the way celebrities have looked and dressed, spending countless hours to achieve the same looks. While many celebrities have told the secrets of their beauty routines, they oftentimes do not tell how much or how often they have to do the activities that yield results. Hollywood beauty hacks are “all the rage” and most people would do anything to have the glowing skin or perfect hair that each celebrity portrays themselves with.

There are several different tricks and tips that are as old as time and seem to be secret unless you are a part of the Hollywood community. These are referred to as the beauty routines that no one talks about, until now. These six simple secrets have been used by Hollywood celebrities for ages and they are exactly what readers need to add to their ever day beauty routine.

  • Voluminous Lashes

Not everyone was born with long or even thick lashes, making it hard to achieve a great look without using fake lashes or extensions. To create the perfect lashes, apply a thick coat of mascara and pick each lash apart using a needle or a comb, making lashes appear longer and thicker.

  • Shave Your Face

When applying makeup, sometimes we notice that it does not go on as evenly as it should, or it sticks to the small hairs we have on our face. To create a flawless finish, exfoliate facial skin well and either shave or wax it, getting rid of unwanted hairs that mess with our makeup.

  • Full Lips

Getting lip injections seems to be the only option to have full lips these days, despite how much the procedure may cost. To achieve fuller lips without the risk and medical procedure in the past, many celebrities, including Marylin Monroe, would apply several different shades of lipstick, creating the illusion of fuller lips without altering the lips themselves.

  • Olive Oil

While many of us know of the health benefits of using olive oil, many do not know of the beauty benefits it offers. Not only is it a great moisturizer that keeps our skin healthy, but it can also be used on hair to keep it from becoming damaged. It even gives it a nice shine!

  • Water

Drinking water seems to be the cure for everything, right? For almost every ailment, from the flu to acne, people recommend “pushing water intake”. That’s because getting plenty of fluid comes with many different benefits. Drinking water not only keeps us refreshed, but it helps our skin, nails, and hair from being wrinkly, dry, and brittle. Water has also been known to help us sleep better, too, especially since there are no additives like caffeine, something that could potentially keep us up at night.

  • Concealer

Concealer is oftentimes used to cover up blemishes and dark circles but can easily be used incorrectly and too much. To properly use concealer, buy one that is two shades lighter and when applying under the eye, uses a triangle shape and a sponge to smooth it out.

While these beauty routine tips might not make us wake up looking like our favorite celebrity, they are a good start to create the looks we have been wanting to achieve.

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