COVID-19 on the rise in 15 states. CDC Recommends face masks!

I've lost count of how many fake masks I've bought in the last few months! Shockingly, when I tried to return the masks, the sellers didn't even know the masks they sold were fake!!! I ended up educating them why their products should not be sold.

Here's a video of how you can visually inspect your mask for signs of quality problem. Hope it helps!


  1. None of us know if we have COVID-19, until a few days after infection has occurred.

  2. During those days, we can't know if we are infecting each other.

  3. We must wear masks to limit contamination as much as possible. By doing this, we protect each other.

When looking at our products, keep in mind the following:

  • Quality: We will never sell you fake or low-quality products. We will also never falsely advertise our products. All facilities where we manufacture are registered with the Food and Drug Administration, and the protective equipment have also been FDA listed. We did this to protect our family, and our customers are part of our family. All our products are used by our own parents, children, and loved ones.

  • Prices: Our products are always the highest quality, but our prices are not the highest :) High-quality, certified products are not cheap to make though. But we promise you we NEVER price gouge. We update prices constantly and as soon as our production cost becomes cheaper, we will pass on any savings directly to our customers.

  • Shipping: Due to current climates, shipping and logistics are unreliable at times. Our supplies are limited and we update our website regularly to provide you with updates as they become available. We ship products daily and recommend placing your order ASAP to avoid cancellations.

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