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Household Cleaning PODS Revolutionizing this Wasteful & Toxic Marketplace

Household Cleaning PODS Revolutionizing this Wasteful & Toxic Marketplace

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to a new cleaning product that you can feel good about for the health of your family and the health of the environment. For A House That’s Cleaner, Switch to Products That Are Greener.

YVY Naturals (pronounced ee-vee) is revolutionizing the way you clean by giving nature the say in what you use. These high-performance cleaning agents are made with 100% Brazilian citrus and Amazonian flowers.

YVY Naturals is on a mission to streamline your cleaning routine in an eco-friendly way. Combining technology and nature’s ingenuity, the Brazilian-based brand creates unique, ultra-concentrated cleaning formulas with 100% natural and renewable ingredients. They come to you delivered in a returnable container no bigger than a coffee capsule, which makes them easier to store.

You no longer have to worry about the limited supplies on empty store shelves to get the products you need as they’re delivered right to your doorstep. It’s the only cleaning brand in the world that saves 83% plastic with reusable capsules that are no more expensive than the products you’re already using.

I would love to work with you to get the word out about this game changing product to the Ash Said It​ audience. More details below on the convenient capsules that make your home sparkle and shine as they save the environment.

Ordering Made Easy:

Select your kit – Choose from home, bathroom, kitchen and all-purpose solutions.

Get your refills – Sign up for the subscription that fits your needs so you never run out of cleaning supplies.

Pause anytime – You can pause your subscription at any time.

Return your capsules – Send back your empty capsules and do your part to create less waste.

To use the capsules, simply add water to the kit bottles, place the capsule on top and fasten the spray nozzle. Why pay for the shipping and usage of water you already have in your own home?

These all-natural solutions have more benefits you can feel good about. YVY Naturals makes industrial-grade formulas clean effectively, yet they’re safe to use with kids and pets too.

For more information, visit

About YVY Naturals: The 12-year-old Brazilian-based B2B line once known for selling to hospitals, schools and green buildings is bringing its easy-to-use, eco-friendly products to consumers in the USA. Named after the Brazilian indigenous word that means the communion between man and nature, YVY is committed to formulating products with non-toxic ingredients that are better for the planet in forms that eliminate less single use plastic and rely on a consumer’s own water consumption.

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