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MomoCon 2024 at GWCC- RECAP

Memorial Day Weekend in Atlanta is always an exciting time with a variety of activities happening in the city. One of the highlights for us is attending MomoCon at GWCC, where a diverse group of people come together to enjoy cosplayers, live panels, game hall, and dealers room.

While exploring the dealers room, I came across a unique brand called Surreal Makeup that immediately caught my attention with its glittery products. Their range of cosmetics, from lip wear to eye wear, was impressive and I was intrigued to learn more about them.

Brands like Surreal Makeup, which prioritize sustainability, are becoming increasingly popular, and it's important for us to support them when we can. Their Anywhere U Wannit line, which can be used on eyes, lips, or anywhere else, was particularly impressive, prompting me to purchase several items.

The founder of Surreal Makeup, Amanda Baker, established the company in 2011 with a focus on creating safe products for sensitive skin using biodegradable ingredients. This commitment to safety and sustainability sets them apart from many mainstream brands.

Despite some logistical challenges this year, including changes in venue layout that affected accessibility for disabled patrons like my sister, we still enjoyed meeting voice artists and collecting souvenirs at MomoCon. It's clear that as the event grows, there will be inevitable changes and adaptations.

MomoCon holds a special place for me, thanks to my sister who introduced me to it almost two decades ago when it was a bustling event at Georgia Tech. While this year's convention faced some disruptions, particularly in terms of accessibility, I hope that future editions will prioritize the needs of all attendees.

Reflecting on the positive experiences of the event, from getting a villains' shirt to admiring custom cosplay costumes, I look forward to returning next year. Memorial Day Weekend wouldn't be the same without MomoCon, and I commend the organizers for their hard work. See you next year!

MomoCon 2025 Registration is now open -->


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