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"Monster Mash” Marathon to Raise Suicide Awareness for Veterans

"Monster Mash” Marathon to Raise Suicide Awareness for Veterans
"Monster Mash” Marathon to Raise Suicide Awareness for Veterans

INVI MindHealth, the application that combines the power of biometrics, deep learning analytics, and human networks to provide mental health support, is honored to announce its initiative to raise suicide awareness with the “Monster Mash,” a grueling three-part marathon led by the veterans themselves. Starting November 6, former Navy SEALs, professional athletes, and Green Berets unite for the impossible 211-mile endurance challenge and aim to complete it in four days and four nights. The event will culminate with a fundraiser dinner on Veteran’s Day, November 11, with donations funding brain treatment research around traumatic brain injury and suicide prevention.

Through this initiative, INVI Mindhealth and the participating veterans and athletes hope to shine a light on the veteran community and the need for additional studies and funding around mental health for our nation's service men and women. As well as extend a helping hand to show other veterans they are not alone in any suffering.

“Today, I have lost more SEAL teammates to suicide than war. The current medical system is failing our community when it comes to mental health, and we are in desperate need of new tools and resources,” said Jonathan Wilson, CEO and Founder of INVI MindHealth and Veteran Navy SEAL. “INVI MindHealth was created to fill that gap by leveraging wearable technology to identify struggling teammates and create the human-to-human connection needed to overcome adversity. Our mission is to save lives, and just like on the battlefield, we will not stop until we have achieved mission success.”

Participants of the Monster Mash include: Jonathan Wilson, founder and CEO of INVI MindHealth, and former Navy SEAL; Eddie Gallagher, founder and CEO of The Pipe Hitter Foundation and former marine and Navy SEAL; Zadoc Morgan, Retired Navy SEAL; Thomas Olmsted, Co-Founder and CEO of Next Bell Ventures and former Navy SEAL; David Neely, retired Special Forces; Daniel Carcillo, retired NHL athlete and two-time Stanley Cup winner; James Smith, COO of INVI MindHealth, and Justin Fornal, Co-Founder of the History, Arts & Science Action Network and long distance swimmer. Additional participants have requested anonymity due to their active status in the military and security observations.

The event is made possible by strategic partners such as The Acceleration Agency and key sponsors, EXOS, Therabody, Concept2, which are supporting the training, completion and recovery for the veterans and athletes.

Proceeds from the Monster Mash benefit The Invisible Wounds Foundation and will go towards conducting research to find new tools and modalities against Traumatic Brain Injury and Suicide Prevention.

For more information about INVI MindHealth or the Monster Mash, visit


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